Alumni Telethon

Stay connected! Tilburg University facilitates strong ties among graduates and between graduates and their school or graduate associations.


Together we make a difference

Every year a group of 50 students contact our alumni by phone to catch up and update them about the latest news of their Alma Mater.  Alumni will also be informed about the several research and education projects that are supported by the Tilburg University Fund. These projects are a great opportunity for alumni to stay involved with Tilburg University and to give back to the community of their Alma Mater. Many of our alumni have already supported the Tilburg University Fund. Curious how their support made a difference? Take a look at the overview below.

Belcampagne beursstudenten 20172018

Support scholarships for students

Thanks to the financial support of our alumni, talented students from all over the world have had the opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree at Tilburg University. This year four scholarships were admitted to very talented students from India, Liberia, Indonesia and Georgia. The donations of our alumni have a great impact on the lives of these international students. The ability to realize their dreams to follow a Master’s program at Tilburg University is life changing for them. This year, Sharon, Sunday, Tea and Viren are the four students whose dream came true. Read their stories and discover how a scholarship can make a difference.

Do you also want to contribute to the talent of international students? Then support the University Fund!

image sharon korompot image sunday haegbetus Tea Kipshidze image viren sangwan

Have a seat!

Want to support students to develop their talent AND leave your name on the Tilburg University campus? Have a seat is the right program for you. By adopting a chair in our largest lecture hall, you support student scholarships.

Support Education and Research

Tilburg University wants to contribute to a better society through education and research. Our scientists work on solutions and innovations for complex issues. Together with knowledge institutions, companies, governments and citizens we create new insights and valuable answers that are beneficial for our society. As an alumnus, you can support Tilburg University research that really makes a difference. With your contribution you give our students, teachers and researchers the opportunity to conduct research that has a valuable impact on our society. Below you find an impression of projects that are supported and made possible by our alumni.