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Lunch colloquium Social Psychology met Angelo Romano, Ph.D.

12:45 uur
Angelo Romano, Ph.D., Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn, Germany
Titel: Parochial Trust and Cooperation Across 17 Societies
Locatie: AZ 209

International challenges such as climate change, poverty, and intergroup conflict require countries to cooperate to solve these complex problems. However, the political tide in many countries has shifted inward, with skepticism and reluctance to cooperate with other countries.

Thus, cross-societal investigations are needed to test theory about trust and cooperation within and between groups. I will present an experimental study in 17 countries designed to test several theories that explain why, who, and where people trust and cooperate more with ingroup members, compared with outgroup members.

In addition to the standard finding that participants trust and cooperate more with ingroup than outgroup members, we obtained that reputational concerns play a decisive role for promoting trust and cooperation universally across societies. I will discuss the implications of this and other results for promoting cooperation within and between countries.

Wanneer: 17 november 2017 12:45

Einddatum: 17 november 2017 13:45

Prijs: Free of charge