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Education Bazaar 2017

The Education Bazaar is the annual education event connecting Tilburg University students and teachers. It is an informal platform to discover innovations together, identify best practices, and share knowledge and experiences. This year’s theme is Role Models With Character.

Role models

Who is your significant role model, and why this particular person? And how can the university help you to become the future employee, teacher or researcher you want to be? Come to this festive event and give a boost to educational innovation!

Interactive contribution

Last year, a total 500 students and teachers attended the event. Next to amusement, they also got to know more about our Educational Vision and we collected input to improve our education. We will continue this approach this year, with a strong focus on discussion. The presenters and session leaders will introduce the general content, but you will be able to give direction to the topics by means of your interactive contribution. Will you be there?

This event is for students and teachers and is part of the 90th anniversary celebrations.

More information about the program, registration and contact.

Wanneer: 28 september 2017 12:30

Einddatum: 28 september 2017 18:00

Waar: Cobbenhagen building