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Poetry Party: Campus Poet 2018

On the 25th of January 2018 it is Dutch National Poetry Day. It is the perfect occasion to announce the new Campus Poet for 2018 and have a party with music and performances! Come and support the nominees and vote for your favorite candidate!

Poetry Party Thursday, January 25, 2018
Time 17:00 - 18:30 (doors open at 16:45)
Location Tilbury 2, Restaurant (entrance at the side of the restaurant)
Admission free
Speakers Lotte Claassen, candidates campus poets, singer/songwriter Robin Haijes
Contact Ingemarie Sam & Lotte Claassen
Language English & Dutch
Organization Academic Forum in samenwerking met Univers en Extra Muros en en Lotte Claassen (campusdichter 2017)
Deadline candidates January 10, 2018

Join the party and vote at the Poetry Party

During the Poetry Party on January 25, the nominees will present their work and the winner will be chosen by a professional jury and a public vote. The Poetry Party is open to everyone. Come and support the nominees and vote for your favorite candidate! Also part of the program is an 'open mic', an open stage for anyone who wants to recite a poem or sing a song.

During the party, Campus Poet 2017 Lotte Claassen will step down and singer/songwriter Robin Haijes will perform her music.

For more general information, see also: Campusdichter.

Wanneer: 25 januari 2018 17:00

Einddatum: 25 januari 2018 18:30