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Meet the World: Refugee Crisis

Professor European studies Paul Scheffer and Arabist Jan Jaap de Ruiter discuss the refugee crisis.

Program information
Date 11 November
Time 13:00 hrs.
Location Black Box, Esplanade Building
Entry free
Guests Paul Scheffer (European studies) and Jan-Jaap de Ruiter (Arabist)
Contact Has Klerx
Language English
In cooperation with Extra Muros

In recent months Europe has seen a sharp increase in refugee applications, a development that has stirred public and political life. Whilst the public debate in various media primarily focuses on the crisis at hand - the housing of refugees - a future perspective seems not to be part of the scope of relevance for the moment.

Join us in the upcoming Meet the World discussion with Jan Jaap de Ruiter and Paul Scheffer to discuss the current polarization of the refugee-debate and the future societal implications of the migrant crisis. This discussion aims at answering a question which is perhaps not asked enough: how will Europe, a continent with a history of tolerance and intolerance, successfully integrate refugees from predominantly Muslim countries?

Meet the World is a monthly international 45-minute news program during lunch time, held at the Esplanade Building (Black Box). During these sessions, a panel will discuss current day topics. The panel consists of students and experts from various backgrounds and cultures to stimulate the discussion from different perspectives. The audience can freely mingle with the discussion to broaden everyone's view on the current day topics. Meet the World is an initiative by the Academic Forum and is being supported by Extra Muros, the study association of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Wanneer: 11 november 2015 13:00

Einddatum: 11 november 2015 14:00