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Over emoties en welbevinden: how nuts are the Dutch?

Van zondag 25 tot en met dinsdag 27 oktober vindt aan Tilburg University Emotions 2015 plaats, de zesde internationale conferentie over emoties, welzijn en gezondheid. Zondagavond geeft de Groningse hoogleraar Peter de Jonge een openbare lezing in de aula over emoties en welbevinden.

Datum zondag 25 oktober
Aanvang 20.00- 21.00 uur (borrel na afloop)
Locatie Aula
Toegang gratis
Sprekers Peter de Jonge, Hoogleraar psychiatrische epidimologie (University Medical Center Groningen)
Contactpersoon Luc Jeurissen
voertaal Engels

Public Lecture

Current treatments for emotional disorders are not as effective as we had hoped, which may be due to the inadequate conceptualization of those disorders. We went back to the drawing table and evaluated whether improvements can be made regarding the way we conceptualize emotional disorders. In this talk I will discuss some of our recent findings regarding conceptual difficulties in the DSM approach to emotional disorders, the overlap between depression and anxiety and the neglect of positive affect. I will conclude with discussing possibilities in personalizing care for emotional disorders, and a new approach to psychodiagnosis.

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Wanneer: 25 oktober 2015 16:00

Einddatum: 25 oktober 2015 17:00