Sports Center

Een breed sportaanbod, uitgebreide accommodatie, dichtbij de campus, ruime openingstijden en veel gezelligheid.

Warandeloop 2017

The 61st  Warandeloop will be held on Sunday November 26, 2017. We hope that many university staff members will take part.

From Warande to Beekse Bergen
After 60 years of running in the Warande, this year the Warandeloop will be held in Beekse Bergen.

Businessrun classes
This year, the Businessrun has four classes:

  • 5 km ladies
  • 5 km mixed
  • 10 km ladies
  • 10 km mixed

What else is different this year?
Apart from the location, the team this year consists of three people. This was the organization’s decision to make it easier to compile teams.
It means that the university can enter up to 33 teams in the Businessrun.

Departmental/faculty teams or individuals can sign up. Individuals will be assigned teams.
Sign up beforeNovember1,2017.
Competition teams

Apart from departmental/faculty teams, the university also wants to enter 1 or 2 competition teams which will hopefully win prizes. If you are interested in competing, please send an email

State the class that you would like to enter and your expected finishing time. Competition teams will be compiled according to finishing times.

There is more to the event than just the Warandeloop . There is also Warande by Night; a 3x700 meter relay race; and the Safarirun. If you want to enter any of these, please feel free to sign up through the organization under your own name and at your own cost.

* No shows - we assume that anyone who signs up will run. This event takes time, money and other resources to organize.