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Alumnus Zsófia Dudás

Student Zsofia Dudas

Zsófia is from Hungary
Bachelor: Global Law Fast Track

"It was encouraging to see that the theoretical knowledge I have gained during my studies is useful in real life situations."

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Zsófia graduated from the Global Law fast track in 2015. When she was still a Global Law student, she completed an internship at law firm Loyens & Loeff N.V.

"The summer internship in Loyens and Loeff was extremely useful for me. It was encouraging to see that the theoretical knowledge I have gained during my studies is useful in real life situations. For me it was important to gain practical knowledge outside of the classroom and to get a better insight of how a law firm functions. I have completed both of these goals.

I have learned a lot during the month that I have worked there. I felt involved as I was helping with current cases (actually participated in different stages). It was also helpful that I did not get only the tasks, but as well I received mentoring regarding different aspects of the cases. In this way I was able to see the bigger picture. It also gave me an idea about my future job opportunities. The internship inspired me to become a lawyer. I felt privileged to work with lawyers with years and years of experiences.

The accommodation was also great as the apartment was located only 10 minutes from the firm with a beautiful view, I did not have to spend time to travel. Also I had wonderful roommates, who were also interns in the firm in different departments. I am really happy that I had the opportunity to work a month in Loyens and Loeff, I think it is a wonderful work environment with inspiring colleagues."

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Erik Koster, Attorney-at-Law Litigation and Risk Management at Loyens & Loeff:

"The match between a Global Law student and a law firm as Loyens & Loeff that advises primarily on Dutch law is not an apparent one. However, given the international nature of many of our cases, Zsófia was able to participate in many challenging cases. We were impressed with her ability to grasp intricate matters within a short timeframe. We look forward to resume our cooperation with the Global Law program of the Tilburg University."

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