Tilburg University biedt een verscheidenheid aan bacheloropleidingen gericht op mens en maatschappij.

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Naam Niko Böhnert
Studie International Business Administration
Woont in student apartment next to Campus

As a child... did you have big career dreams?
Yes! I had the idea of studying sports medicine. However, during the last year in high school, I started my orientation on studies and universities and my interests shifted. I already knew I wanted to study abroad, so after graduation I went to the UK for one year to work and to get a feeling what it's like to live in a foreign country. I chose the Netherlands for my studies during that year. The main reason was that the program IBA at the UvT is offered in English and that the program has a strong international focus just as the Netherlands in general.

Was it difficult to make such a big decision?
Indeed, I found it quite hard to choose from the options you have on an international basis. In high school in Germany we didn't have proper University presentations, only the local Uni had an open day for pupils once a year. Although, we could take some psychological and general assessment tests in school, that's all there was available. So I really had to do the research and information gathering myself.

Did you experience a big difference between high school and university?
There are certainly some differences. I think you are more independent and you have to keep track of most things yourself. If there is a deadline for an assignment, no professor will remind you every lecture of that. Compared to high school, you have more group work situations, however, self-studying is still a large part. I could imagine that the biggest difference for many students would be to live away from home.

What doe the studies International Business Administration look like?
You will learn the fundamentals of business administration, such as Marketing Management, Accounting, Finance, etc all from an international perspective and also economics related subjects like Macro- and Microeconomics. A representative week is composed of five lectures and five corresponding tutorials in which you apply the knowledge you gained from the lectures. You'll work on assignments with small groups or by yourself. The rest of the time you read and prepare material for the upcoming lectures.

Do you have to work in groups often?
Group assignments are an essential part of the program and integrated into different subjects, but lectures and tutorials still are the main elements.

Which subjects do you enjoy the most?
So far, Microeconomics and Mathematics.

Do you have any idea what to do after finishing your bachelor? Although it isn't that common in the Netherlands, after finishing my bachelor I would prefer to start working before I continue with my master, in case there is an attractive opportunity. After some practical experience I will be more capable of deciding which master really suits me. I think this way of building up a career has a lot of benefits, like making a well considered choice.

How much time do you spend on studying?
That differs from week to week. Especially before exam periods I spend most of the time on studying but I always have enough spare time to work or do sports.

When does this bachelor not fit you?
IBA is not made for you if you prefer a completely practical way of college. Then you are probably better off with a HBO. Furthermore, a basic interest in quantitative subjects and numbers does help.

What do you think of Tilburg?
Tilburg is a small but nice city for students. During the week there is enough to undertake; going out for a drink in one of the many cafés, go to the cinema, theatre or join a sports club.
During the weekend you can easily take the train and visit one of the cities nearby, like Breda, Den Bosch, Eindhoven but also Rotterdam and Utrecht are reachable within an hour, even in the night.

Which preconceptions you had about Tilburg University or Tilburg are not real at all?
Beforehand, I did not know the city Tilburg at all, so I didn't have a clue what to expect, but what I really like is the ambience of this compact though complete university town.