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Pre-Master's program for Dutch hbo graduates

Get your Master's degree in 1,5 year

The Pre-Master's program for Dutch hbo graduates builds on the practically-oriented knowledge you acquired during your Bachelor's by enhancing your theoretical knowledge as well as your capacity for conceptual thinking, ensuring you get the most out of your Master's program. The Pre-Master's program starts in September and, after finishing this program with good results, you can enroll in the 1-year Master's program at the end of January.


The Pre-Master's program for Dutch hbo graduates consists of 30 ECTS and starts in September until January. The courses are:

  • Academic Competences Accounting
  • Business Research Techniques for Pre-master
  • Finance for Pre-master
  • Statistics for Pre-master (Dutch)
  • Intermediate Management Accounting (with OAT)
  • Auditing & Accounting Information Systems (without OAT)

Check the study guide for more information about the courses and program structure.

Admission and application

To be eligible for this Pre-Master's program you must have completed a hbo-Bachelor's program that gives direct access to the Pre-Master's program. Please check your eligibility and the deadlines for application on the admission and application page.

If your hbo-Bachelor's program is not indicated as admissible, you can not apply for the Pre-Master's program because the gap with our Master's programs is too big. You can consider applying for one of our Bachelor's programs.

Pre-Master's program for (international) university graduates

Tilburg University offers a program designed especially for students with a university Bachelor's degree that does not meet the entry requirements of the Master's program in Accountancy.

The Pre-Master's program for Bachelor's graduates is designed to fill knowledge gaps and provide you with the essential foundation needed to pursue your Master's in Accountancy. The program is tailor-made to individual learning needs, takes 6-12 months and consists of up to 30 ECTS credits.

Admission and application

As a university graduate you can not apply for our Pre-Master’s program directly; you should always apply for the Master’s program. The Admissions Board will then decide, based on your complete application, whether:

1. You can be admitted to the Master's program directly

2. You need to take a 6-month Pre-Master's program

3. You cannot be admitted to the (Pre-)Master's program

Please check your eligibility and the deadlines for application on the admission and application page.

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