Pre-Master's program Data Science and Entrepreneurship

For whom

In preparation of the MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship a Pre-Master's program is available for:

  1. Bachelor of Science (BSc) graduates at a university level - typically beta and gamma;
  2. who have an insufficient background (ECTS) in mathematics, statistics, programming and databases;
  3. and whose deficiencies for the Master's program Data Science and Entrepreneurship can be resolved within the 30 ECTS of the Pre-Master's program.
  4. Also some excellent Applied Science / "Hogeschool" students are welcome to apply for this pre-master program.

Pre-Master Program for Applied Science / "Hogeschool" students

Currently there is no pre-master program available for Applied Science / "Hogeschool” students. However, we kindly ask all Applied Science / ‘Hogeschool” students, who are interested in joining the joint master’s program Data Science and Entrepreneurship to apply for the master’s program. This way the Admissions Committee can assess your current background and advice if there is an alternative pre-master program for you to join at Tilburg University or Eindhoven University of Technology, which will prepare you for our pre-master’s program mentioned above and thus our master’s program.

Start dates

    • February Start Pre-Master Program - starting in February, this half a year Pre-Master program will prepare you for the start of the master's program in September. After succesfully completing your exams, you will be eligible to enroll into the Master's Program. When you are still finishing your BSc studies, it is possible to join the pre-master's program at the same time.
    • September Start Pre-Master Program - starting only in September 2017, this half a year Pre-Master program will prepare you to enroll into the Master's Program in February. The Master's Program doesn't have an official starting point in February, so you will join the class that also started in September. The september pre-master program will only start one more time in September 2017.


    The total length of the program is one semester (six months) and includes the following courses:

    • Introduction to Data Science - 6 ECTs
      The course 'introduction to data science' will provide students a walk-through of basic background knowledge about the engineering, analytics, ethical, legal and entrepreneurial aspects of data science.
    • Programming - 6 ECTs
      The 'programming' course will teach students about the fundamentals of programming; also, students will get acquainted with Python.
    • Data-structures and algorithms - 6 ECTs
      The 'Data-structures and algorithms' course will mix theory with practice and learn students about key data structures such as arrays, lists, stacks and recursion. In addition, students will learn basic algorithms to build correct software including searching, queues and sorting.
    • Introduction to data mining - 6 ECTS
      The 'introduction to data mining' course will cover basic topics including decision trees and model evaluation, and introduce association analysis.
    • Databases - 6 ECTs
      The databases course will introduce the relational model and relational algebra, transactions, and teach SQL.

    Admission and application

    At this moment it's only possible to be admitted to the Pre-Master's program by applying for the Master's program Data Science and Entrepreneurship. An admission committee will then determine if you are eligible for the Master's program or that you need to follow the Pre-Master's program first.

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