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Irene Westra - student DSBG 2016-2017

Student Irene Westra

"I really like the Research Skills courses, for instance Data Processing and Advanced Programming (where you both learn programming with Python, from basic to more advanced), and Statistical Programming with R (where you learn highly useful stuff for your thesis, e.g. cleaning and visualizing data). Furthermore, the course Data Science: Regulation & Law teaches me a lot about law in general and specifically regarding data science, which is all rather new to me. I think this course offers content that every data scientist should now, at least the basics."

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Jacco Tiggelman - student DSBG 2016-2017

Student Jacco Tiggelman

"With the skills I obtain during this Master's track, I hope to be a valuable asset to a company where I can develop myself further in the field of Data Science. I think that there is a growing need in organizations for people with the skills to work with big data and create meaning out of large data sets. Therefore, I have a rather positive look on my career prospects."

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