Hoogwaardig onderwijs in een internationale omgeving bereidt je voor op een verantwoordelijke positie in de samenleving.


Acquire a qualification that opens doors worldwide

Tilburg University's Master's in Economics program equips you with the advanced tools needed to understand and manage the complex problems facing companies and governments in the modern economy.

What defines the modern economy? Increasingly integrated and turbulent markets, opening up unprecedented opportunities for firms as well greater risks. With your deep understanding of how markets function, when they fail, and the implications of this for market participants, you will be optimally prepared to help organizations and governments seize the opportunities available in the global economy while avoiding potential market pitfalls.

The Tilburg University Master in Economics offers you:

  • Teaching by the internationally-reputed economics professors of Tilburg University, world-leading scholars known for their academic publications and influence in policy circles. In the latest National Student Enquiry (NSE) 'The expertise of teachers in their area’ scored 4.22 out of 5.

  • The opportunity to customise your degree; You can choose a specialized track or compose your own personalised curriculum. The five tracks are:

  • International classroom; the economics program welcomes a great diversity in nationalities. This offers a new and broader perspective for you as a person and it is a unique preparation for your future career.

There are two start dates available for this Master's program: end of August and end of January.

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