Testimonials Research Master in Individual Differences and Assessment

Prof. dr. Jaap Denissen

Professor Jaap Denissen

Program Director of the Research Master in Individual Differences and Assessment (IDA)
Professor of Developmental Psychology

"The IDA program is the only Dutch Research Master's program that is systematically focused on the field of individual differences. Compared to international Masters that concentrate on individual differences, the Tilburg Master's program is unique with its tightly interwoven, two-year, full-time curriculum that includes fundamental, applied, and statistics courses."

Research Master IDA - Filip de Fruyt

Professor Filip de Fruyt

President of the European Association of Personality Psychology

"Tilburg University has always felt like home for personality psychologists and those studying individual differences. Rooted in this rich tradition, the state-of-the-art program will significantly contribute to and advance research on individual differences in Europe and beyond."

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