Hoogwaardig onderwijs in een internationale omgeving bereidt je voor op een verantwoordelijke positie in de samenleving.

Information Management

Pursue an international career at the interface of IT, Business and Management

The Master’s program of Information Management prepares you for a career at the interface of Information Technologies and business. Your expertise will be key in translating strategic and operational needs into better systems to improve performance.

Organizations nowadays rely heavily on IT to meet businesses’ needs. The program focuses on three pillars:

  1. Preparing for the Future: digital business and a digital society
  2. Managing Change: to achieve better performance 
  3. Managing the Present: optimizing operational service delivery by IT to the business functions

In short, you will learn how to strategically apply IT to fundamentally change an enterprise and enable a company to achieve its strategic, tactical, and operational goals.


The Master in Information Management currently ranks among the top 10 programs in the Netherlands as regards best career prospects. You will find it easy to find a job after graduation and can choose from a diverse range of positions and organizations. Read more.

A Tilburg University Master's Information Management program offers you:

  • Teaching by international lecturers who bring a blend of contrasting experiences and perspectives into the classroom. The department of Information Management is a global department that collaborates with top universities around the world.

  • The latest knowledge in the field of IT thanks to Tilburg University's position at the forefront of international research.

  • A strong link with the business world; the program has an advisory board with members from leading companies, regular guest speakers and offers internships as common basis for the Master's thesis.

  • A degree qualification ranked among the top 10 for best career prospects according to a recent study.

There are two start dates available for this Master's program: End of August and End of January.

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