Admission and application Law and Technology

This is the application and admission procedure for all applicants of the LLM Law and Technology.

a) Check your eligibility

1. Educational background/diplomas

Before applying, please make sure that you meet the following admission requirements:

  • You have a Bachelor's degree in Law before the start of this Master's program.
  • You have a background in an area other than law, with at least 90 ECTS of Bachelor's courses in Law.

2. English language proficiency

You need to demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting the results of either:

  • Academic IELTS (minimum score 6.5 overall, minimum score of 6.0 on individual parts. Advised: minimum of 7.0 overall and no components less than 6.5).
  • TOEFL (minimum score of 90 for the internet based test. Advised: minimum score of 100 for the internet based test) TOEFL institutional code of Tilburg University is 9860.
  • Cambridge Proficiency Examination (CPE, score A, B or C) or Cambridge Advanced English (CAE, score A, B or C. Advised: minimum level of B).

An English proficiency test is not required if…

  • You are a Dutch student and your high school diploma is the Dutch VWO, with English as one of the examination subjects (minimum score of 6.0; advised: a minimum of 7.0).
  • You are an English native speaker, i.e. if you are a citizen of one of the following countries:
    • Australia
    • Canada (with exception of Quebec)
    • New Zealand
    • United Kingdom
    • Ireland
    • United States of America
  • You have successfully completed all your secondary or university education in English at an educational institution from one of the following countries:
    • Australia
    • Canada (with exception of Quebec)
    • New Zealand
    • United Kingdom
    • Ireland
    • United States of America

For all other countries and situations, the English language test is compulsory.

b) Consider the deadlines

When applying for this program, please make sure that your application package, including all necessary documents, reaches us before the deadline that applies to your situation:

NON-EU/EEA students

  • Starting end of August: April 1
  • Starting end of January: October 1

EU/EEA students

  • Starting end of August: July 1
  • Starting end of January: December 1

Dutch students

  • Starting end of August: August 1
  • Starting end of January: January 1

c) Follow the procedure for all applicants

Step 1: Prepare your application package

Required documents in all situations:

    1. Your diploma(s).
      - If you have not graduated yet, please enclose your most recent transcript of records.
      - If you have graduated but not received your diploma yet, please enclose your most recent transcript of records as well as an interim graduation certificate, if available, containing your name, a statement that you have met all program requirements, the name of the diploma in the original language, and the date of graduation.
    2. Your transcript of record(s).
      • Please note that we only accept official transcript of records which have been given out by your university. A screenshot of your university’s digital environment where you can review your academic progress is not accepted.
      • Please upload a certified copy of your most recent transcript. If you have not obtained your final transcript of records yet, please upload a list of courses you still need to finish.
    3. A motivation letter, stating the following:
      • Tell us about your career ambitions.
      • Tell us why you opt for Law and Technology at Tilburg University.
      • Tell us what your participation to the program will bring to the program, and to your fellow students.
      • Give a brief example of an issue or question you expect to understand better with the help of the program.
        Your motivation letter should be no more than 700 words in length.
    4. Your passport
      • Non-EU: only a valid passport is accepted.
      • EU/EEA | Dutch: a valid passport or ID-card is accepted (please make sure to upload both sides of your ID card).

    Additional documents in specific situations:

      • If you already live in the Netherlands and have one: a residence permit for the Netherlands.
      • The results of an English language test (please see the section English language proficiency above to determine which tests and scores are accepted by Tilburg University).
        - If you think you are exempt, please upload supporting documents showing that you meet one of the exemption criteria.
      • If your diploma(s) and transcript(s) are not originally in English, French, German or Dutch, you will need to provide a sworn translation into one of these languages of these documents.
      • For Chinese applicants only: Nuffic Certificate (formerly known as NESO Certificate). For information on how to obtain a Nuffic Certificate, please visit the website of NESO China.

      Do I have to send any documents by regular mail or can I upload my application package digitally?

      • It is not necessary to send us certified copies of your documents right away. You can apply via the online application system, and upload your documents there.
        - Submitting certified copies of your documents is necessary for enrollment. If you are conditionally accepted to the program, you will be prompted to send us certified copies of your documents.
        - However, the university maintains the right to request certified copies during the admissions process if this is necessary to evaluate your package.

      Step 2: Apply in the online application system (MySAS)

      In order to apply for this Master's program at the Tilburg Law School, please take the following steps:

      1. You will first need to create an online application account.
        - Please keep a close watch on your mailbox and use an email address which you check regularly. Add to your safe sender list and check your spam mailbox regularly to ensure you receive all messages sent by your admissions officer.
      2. After you have created this account, the online application system (MySAS) will send you an email asking you to activate your account. Once you have activated your account, you may return to MySAS and start your application.
      3. Upload all the required documents as mentioned in the online application system.
      4. As soon as you submit your application, we will start assessing your application. In case you forgot to upload some necessary documents, our admissions officer will contact you by email.

      Step 3: Matching procedure

      As of October 2017, all students must go through a matching procedure being able to join the program. This procedure ensures all students' backgrounds, profiles and ambitions meet our requirements.

      • All applicants are assessed fairly and impartially using the same assessment criteria.
      • The process begins at the moment we receive your complete application via MySAS, and may take up to 6 weeks. This depends on several factors, such as the total amount of applications, availability of admissions staff for reading applications and scheduling interviews.

      The decision of the admission committee can have two outcomes:

      • A. The committee does not think you are suitable for the Master’s program LLM Law and Technology; you will receive a negative advice on enrolling. The reasons for the advice will be briefly explained. You can choose to ignore this and enroll, but experience indicates your chances at succeeding are slim.
      • B. The committee provisionally deems the program suitable for you and invites you for an interview. This interview aims at delving deeper into your motivations for joining the program, testing your English language skills and addressing your questions and concerns. You will receive an invitation for an interview via email.

      Step 4: Interview assessment

      You will be interviewed by the admissions committee

      • The interview is conducted in English and lasts approximately 20 minutes.
      • The interview is by default done via Skype due to the large amount of international applicants.
      • Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.

      In the interview you will be assessed on the following criteria:

      • Motivation and interest in a multidisciplinary approach.
      • Ambition and the desire for intellectual challenge and personal development. 
      • A high level of self-motivation and self-discipline.
      • An interest in participating in interactive classes.
      • A passion for discussion and debate.
      • An interest in honing the ability to think critically and analytically.
      • A commitment to a career where law will play a central role.
      • English proficiency.

      Step 5: Admission Committee's decision

      After the interview, it will take 1-3 weeks for the admission committee to communicate their decision to you. The decision will be communicated to you via email.

      There are two possibilities:

      • A positive decision means that the admission committee is convinced the Law and Technology program will be a good match for you. It renders a positive advice on your enrollment into the Master’s program LLM Law and Technology.
      • A negative decision means the admission committee does not believe Law and Technology is a good fit for you and renders a negative advice on your enrollment. In case of a negative advice the reasons for the advice will briefly be explained. We strongly encourage you to follow this advice, as experience indicates your chances at succeeding are slim.

      Make sure you submit certified copies of all required documents

      Submitting certified copies of your documents is necessary for enrollment. If you are conditionally accepted to the program, you will be prompted to send us certified copies of your documents.

      Step 6: Enroll via Studielink

      All applicants accepted for this program are required to register via Studielink, the Dutch national database for higher education.

      You need to register before the official start of the program, but we strongly advise you to register in Studielink as soon as possible after your admission.

      • You will not receive information about other procedures after your admission until you have registered in Studielink.
      • You will be given more specific information in your acceptance letter regarding the registration procedure, including information about the exact program for which you must register in Studielink.
      • The name of this Master's program in Studielink: M Law and Technology (croho: 60069)

      Register via Studielink

      Step 7: Confirm your enrollment

      After your registration in Studielink, you will be notified by Tilburg University and need to confirm this registration before you can start with the program.

      (Conditionally) admitted?

      Congratulations! We hope you are excited to start the program

      Before you start your master at Tilburg University, there are certain things you need to arrange; housing, payment of your tuition fees, visa, and more.

      International students are encouraged to arrive to Tilburg during our registration days. All students are welcome to take part in the Tilburg Orientation Program (TOP Week): a great way to get to know your fellow students and the city of Tilburg. It is the best way to start your studies in Tilburg!

      For the international students we have created a "Welcome to Tilburg University" guide. This guide will take you through the process and the preparations you need to make before you come to Tilburg.

      Do you have any questions?

      Please feel free to contact us with any personal queries about the program, admissions and enrollment. You can contact us before, during or even after you have submitted your application. Our team will be glad to answer all your questions about studying at Tilburg University and provide you with detailed practical information.

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