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Emmy Wolterink - student MCD 2016-2017

Student Emmy Wolterink

Student Management of Cultural Diversity

"I am very glad with the choice I made last year to start this (pre)master. The program itself is already quite diverse; many of my class mates are from abroad. Due to this diversity we experience ourselves how cross-cultural diversity and collaboration works, which mostly is fun and positive (varied working styles and ideas), however sometimes it can also cause us some challenges (for example miscommunication or interpretation)."

Alumna Yvonne Cruijssen

Lecturer Social Studies at Avans University of Applied Sciences

"The MCD program places this diverse concept of identity in the dynamic conditions of organizations. The program uses theory in order to explain and understand societal and organizational dynamics. It is a practical program that stimulates the student to ‘go out there’ in order to study reality from a theoretical point of view."

Adib Abdulmajid

Alumnus Adib Abdulmajid

Founder and manager of ARA News agency

"During my daily work as manager of ARA News agency, I could never avoid the concepts I have learned during my study at Tilburg University; with a focus on how to manage cultural diversity in a bid to create the most harmonious and productive environment possible among people with different cultural backgrounds."

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