Hoogwaardig onderwijs in een internationale omgeving bereidt je voor op een verantwoordelijke positie in de samenleving.

Operations Research and Management Science

Specialize in optimizing company decisions by using quantitative models and methods

This program teaches generic mathematical models and methods that allow you to solve contemporary decision problems in a wide variety of applications. Examples from logistics include vehicle routing, supply chain optimization, and inventory management. But there are many other applications, such as donor kidney allocation and optimizing tumor treatment plans in the medical field, or dike height optimization and train scheduling in the public sector.

Because Operations Research and Management Science is predominantly an applied field, you will also develop the skills to successfully apply the theory in practice, and to communicate efficiently with the decision makers.


The Master’s program in Operations Research and Management Science is one of the programs with the best career prospects. Modern developments such as Big Data and Business Analytics have increased the already high demand for specialists in Operations Research and Management Science. Read more.

Why choose the Master Operations Research and Management Science

A Tilburg University Master's program in Operations Research and Management Science offers you:

  • A degree qualification held in high regard by international organizations that increasingly depend on quantitative methods to support their operations, logistics and supply chain management decision-making.
  • Relevant, real-world learning where the emphasis is on solving actual business problems and turning managerial ideas into concrete system specifications, whether it is during in-class exercises or while on an internship in a company.
  • OR Mastermind: offers you an inside in real business cases, discussions on the new trends in the Operations Research and Management Science field and the opportunity to get in touch with companies and to explore the labour market.
  • Taught by teachers and supervisors that are leading experts in this field from the world-class Tilburg School of Economics.
  • Small class-sizes giving you more quality time with approachable and supportive professors and closer interaction with your classmates.
  • Learning that challenges and stimulates, where you not only learn to apply existing techniques to solve industry problems but get to develop your own.

There are two start dates available for this Master's program: end of August and end of January.

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