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Beste algemene universiteit - Keuzegids Masters 2016

Organization Studies

Building on the latest research on how organizations function, this Master’s program offers a inter-disciplinary, Social-Science perspective on the ways in which highly complex organizations respond to fast-changing, dynamic environments.

The Master in Organization Studies provides you with a critical understanding of how organizations and people within them behave and is especially focused on organizational complexity and dynamics.

It is designed for those seeking a sound theoretical basis in organization studies, a deeper level of understanding about how organizations deal with complexity and dynamics and an advanced level study that will generate transferable skills and facilitate employment in a great variety of organizations.   More information »

Why should you choose to study MSc Organization Studies at Tilburg University?

  1. This English-taught Master’s program is clearly structured and focused on complexity and dynamics.

  2. You learn to understand and analyze organizations from an interdisciplinary perspective (i.e., involving Organization Science, Sociology, Psychology and Business Management), which is a unique approach in the Netherlands.

  3. You will be prepared for teamwork through frequent group assignments in real-life settings, as well as through the acquisition of knowledge on team processes.

  4. You will be trained by means of a variety of interactive teaching methods such as team work, peer review, case studies, presentations, workshops, etc.

  5. You have the unique opportunity to expand your program with the Extended Master’s Program Organization Studies, which strengthens your career prospects by adding a one-year professional traineeship to your experience in a wide range of companies.

  6. You will receive support and feedback from a small group of fellow students while writing your thesis in the so-called Thesis Circles.

Career Perspective

Students who graduate in Organization Studies at Tilburg University have very good career opportunities. In a society where changes follow changes ever more rapidly, organizations need people who have knowledge and a deeper understanding about organizations and organizing, and who can research and analyze problems in organizations and the way these problems are interconnected.    More information »

Dr. Joerg Raab, former Program Director*, Germany

  • "What happens when people have to work together to achieve common goals within and between organizations?
  • What factors influence and what can be done to improve cooperation between people and organizations?
  • What roles do networks and teams play in this process and how do organizations develop their strategies in this regard to improve their innovative capacities?

    If you want to learn about key theories and develop expertise and the analytical capacity to deal with these crucial questions in the management of a wide range of today's organizations, this is your program to choose! Welcome to our challenging one-year, intensive, interactive professional Master's program Organization Studies."

* Our current Program Director is Dr.Martyna Janowicz

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