Focus and Approach Organization Studies

Complexity and Dynamics

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Complexity and dynamics are the two main foci of the Master’s Program Organization Studies.Organizations operate in an environment.Both organizations themselves as well as the environment in which they operate are complex – made up of multiple elements that are interdependent – and dynamic – continually changing.

Consequently, the Master’s program includes five courses:

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Interdisciplinary approach

The need for an interdisciplinary perspective in the Master Organization Studies has to do with the focus of the program on complexity and dynamics of organizations and networks. The various questions and topics that result from this theme are so diverse that they require various disciplines to understand them.

The range of specific topics covered in the Master Organization Studies per course include:

  • Complexity within Organizations: organizational differentiation, team composition and performance, virtual teams, intra-organizational networks, workforce diversity and its organizational consequences, internal organizational communication, technology (information technology, groupware support systems, communication technologies), multi-team systems.
  • Organizational Dynamics: experiential learning, organizational design and flexibility, change and resistance to change, group dynamics, authority and power, organizational identity and image, and conflict and collaboration
  • Organizing Strategy & Entrepreneurship:organizational environment, radical vs. incremental innovation, strategic entrepreneurship, organizational adaptation and change, barriers to change, inertia, emerging markets, Base-of-the-Pyramid markets. 
  • Societal Developments and  Institutions: institutions (e.g., e.g. cognitive models, normative patterns or regulative structures.), institutional pressures and how organizations respond to them, institutional entrepreneurs.
  • Interorganizational Relationships: Network as a form of governance, networks and social structure, social capital and inter-organizational networks, management and effectiveness of inter-organizational networks, inter-organizational relations and networks in innovation.

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