Hoogwaardig onderwijs in een internationale omgeving bereidt je voor op een verantwoordelijke positie in de samenleving.

Minor Methodology and Statistics

A small percentage of Bachelor students find the Methodology and Statistics courses the most interesting courses, receive good grades for these courses, and are interested in conducting scientific research in the area of Methodology and Statistics.
We, the staff of the Department of Methodology and Statistics at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, share this interest and have developed the minor Methodology and Statistics to train promising students to become researchers in Methodology and Statistics within the social and behavioral sciences. We are enthusiastic lecturers, teaching small groups of like-minded students. During the two-year, English-taught program, you will follow state-of-the-art courses and be involved hands-on in our research. Each student is assigned a personal adviser offering help with respect to choosing internal traineeships, the international traineeship, and topics of the first-year paper and the Master's thesis.

We have great expertise across a broad range of topics, ranging from research methods to mathematical statistics. We develop and apply new psychometric methods for constructing reliable and valid measurement scales, and statistical and data-analytic methods for analyzing categorical and continuous data from longitudinal or comparative research in relation to a causal model. Possible topics for students are latent class analysis in combination with linear and non-linear regression and factor models, scaling and dimensionality assessment, dynamic exchange networks, structural equation models, multilevel structures in cognitive models, modern item response theory, and test and questionnaire construction.

After completing the program, you will be an all-round researcher who can apply for a PhD position (in methodology and statistics but also in other fields of social and behavioral sciences), or work in research institutions and companies such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS), CITO, and The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP).

We and our current Research Master's students are more than happy to give you more information about our program. For questions about the content of the track or for an appointment with a staff member or a Research Master's student, please send an e-mail to the coordinator Dr. Guy Moors at

We look forward to receiving your application.

Prof. dr. Jeroen K. Vermunt
Chair of the Department Methodology and Statistics

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