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Double Degree in Applied Social Psychology

The double degree program in Applied Social Psychology is a two-year 120 ECTS program, taught at both the Higher School of Economics and Tilburg University.

After successful completion of the program you will graduate with two degrees:

  • MSc in Psychology, awarded by Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
  • MSc in Social Psychology, awarded by Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Why the Double Degree in Applied Social Psychology?

  • The opportunity to study in two outstanding academic universities: HSE and Tilburg University and to get two diplomas.
  • You distinguish yourself from others students by studying abroad, and having this unique international experience. It might be a big step into an internationally oriented career.
  • The opportunity to choose an individual learning pathway, combining the Major in Social Psychology with Minors from Management, Asian studies, Sociology, Economics or other fields.
  • Expertise of world-renowned scholars in the field of social psychology who are involved in teaching at HSE (Sh. Schwartz, J. Berry, N. Lebedeva) and at Tilburg University (F. van de Vijver, M. Zeelenberg, I. van Beest and others).

Specialize in two tracks per location:

  • Higher School of Economics:
    • Social Psychology
    • Cross-Cultural psychology 
  • Tilburg University:
    • Economic Psychology
    • Work and Organizational Psychology

Courses Double Degree in Applied Social Psychology

Program structure

  • Year 1: Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
  • Year 2: Tilburg University, Tilburg, the Netherlands

Year 1: Coursework at HSE

60 ECTS of specific Double Degree in Applied Social Psychology courses of the MSc in Psychology, more specifically:

  • Theory and methodology of contemporary psychology (6)
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods in psychology (6)
  • Advanced Social Psychology (6)
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology (6)

Choose 1 out of 2 tracks:

  • Track Social Psychology
    • Interpersonal Behavior (5)
    • Social Influence (5)
  • Track Cross-Cultural Psychology
    • Methodology of cross-cultural research (5)
    • Cross-cultural psychology of organizational behavior (5)

Choose 2 out of 4 electives:

  • Doing business in Russia 1 (3)
  • Doing business in Russia 2 (3)
  • Cross-Cultural Management (3)
  • Introduction to Neuroeconomics: how the brain makes decisions (3)

  • Research Seminar Social and Cross-cultural psychology OR (8)
  • Research Seminar Economic and Organizational psychology (8)
  • Research Training or Internship (6)
  • Course Paper / Year essay (6)

Total: 60 ECTS

Year 2: Coursework at TiU

60 ECTS of the MSc in Social Psychology, with a selection of 1 out of 2 tracks, more specifically:

  1. Track Economic Psychology
  2. Track Work and Organizational Psychology

Course lists may be subject to change. The current study and examination rules and regulations of both institutions apply to the students during their studies at the host university. This also applies to the calculation of the final grades.

Tuition fees Double Degree in Applied Social Psychology


Year 1: 2016-2017

  • Higher School of Economics
    Students are registered as Higher School of Economics students. Students pay the Higher School of Economics tuition fee. Some double degree students will receive a tuition waiver.
  • Tilburg University
    Students do not need to be registered at Tilburg University. Students do not pay Tilburg University tuition fee.

Year 2: 2017-2018

  • Higher School of Economics
    Students stay registered at Higher School of Economics. Students do not pay Higher School of Economics tuition fee.
  • Tilburg University
    Students are registered as TiU degree students. Students pay Tilburg University tuition fee. Some double degree students will receive a partly tuition waiver if non-EEA.

Tuition fees

Total fees double degree program 2016-2018

  • Tilburg University scholarship students: € 1.984
  • Higher School of Economics scholarship students: € 4.000
  • Full fee students EEA: +/- € 6.622
  • Full fee students non-EAA: +/- € 17.642

Tuition fees

  • HSE 2016 - 2017: 240.000 RUR***
  • TiU 2017 - 2018*:
    • Non-EEA: € 14.000
    • EEA: € 1.984

Tuition wavers

  • Tuition Waiver HSE: 240.000 RUR***
  • Tuition Waiver TiU**: € 8.300

* TiU tuition fees are excluding € 24 administration fee for payment in installments. Tuition fees for 2016-2017 are indicative.

** TiU tuition waivers for 2017-2018 are indicative and depend on the tuition fee.

*** At this moment, 240.000 RUR = € 5.220,-

Admission Double Degree in Applied Social Psychology

Application procedure

All students apply at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow for admission to the Double Degree program in Applied Social Psychology.

  • In general, HSE will first review the candidates, and will select the double degree candidates together with TiU before their entrance at HSE.
  • HSE students can also be selected in their first year of the Master’s program.
  • Double Degree students who will be admitted to the complete joint program in advance, will receive one joint admission letter for both programs.
  • Students must be aware that they might need to request a visa for the appropriate time of student residency in each country. Obtaining a visa from one country does not guarantee obtaining a visa from the other.

Application deadline

Deadlines for applications are:

  •  June 1st 2018

Admission requirements

Students who qualify for entry to the double degree program must have fulfilled the admission requirements for both master programs. They:

  • hold an undergraduate university degree in the field of psychology or in a related area;
  • have shown an interest in the field of applied social psychology, as assessed by the selection committee;
  • have adequate knowledge of research methods and techniques before entering the second master year;
  • have demonstrated their English language proficiency (C1 CEFR) by submitting the results of either TOEFL (minimum 577 paper-based / 100 internet-based), IELTS (minimum 6.5 overall, no part less than 6.0), Cambridge Proficiency or Cambridge Advanced (A-B-C) or equivalent. Russian students selected for the Double Degree program during the first year of the program can take a language test at HSE. Tilburg and Russian students that are selected prior to the program, can also take an institutional test as proof of their language skills.
  • provide an executive summary (2-5 pages) of their thesis project/dissertation/research interest.

  • have demonstrated their motivation with a cover/motivation letter or in a selection interview.


We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the Double Degree program in Applied Social Psychology. Please do not hesitate to contact our academic program director Olga Stavrova.


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