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Student Kalukeki Mwaba, South Africa

Mwaba SP

“I chose my program (MSc in Work and Organizational Psychology) because the program is research-based and focused on finding scientific solutions to practical problems in modern organizations. Lecturers are always willing to assist you if you have any questions, and they encourage students to share their opinions. The course work has been an enriching experience.”

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Student Kalin Uzhdrin, Bulgaria

"The best thing about the "Social Psychology" program at Tilburg University is undoubtedly the combination of dedicated researchers who do the teaching, and the stimulating environment. It was both pleasant and a bit challenging for me to be introduced to grand topics not through lectures and textbook chapters, but through research papers and subsequent discussions."

Professor interviews

Prof. dr. Ilja van Beest


"Social psychology studies how everyday behavior evolves. That is, it addresses how our feelings and decisions are influenced by others around us and the environment in which we live. It is an empirical science that informs us of how and why consumers, managers, employees, law enforcers, or in general, people, behave the way they do."

Prof. dr. Fred van Raaij

Professor of Economic Psychology

Doctor h.c. Helsinki School of Economics and Business, Finland

"Economic psychology is the study of the behavior of economic actors such as consumers, investors and entrepreneurs, including the determinants and consequences of this behavior. Research topics in economic psychology diverge from 'green' consumer behavior to the use of heuristics and emotions in decision making, from brand loyalty to cross-cultural differences in consumption, from trading on the stock market to financial illiteracy. While economists tend to start from the 'homo economicus', the rational man that maximises utility, economic psychologists start from descriptive research how economic actors make decisions, how they try to optimize or maximize but often fail because of information overload and uncertainty. Economic psychology is thus critical towards the economic approach, and successfully so."

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