Extended Master Sociology

The Extended Master Sociology aims at providing students with relevant work experience by doing a traineeship and to enhance their (research) skills and knowledge. After successful completion of the program you will receive a Master’s diploma Sociology of 60 ECTS and a professional certificate of 30 ECTS issued by the Department of Sociology and the partner organization of the traineeship.

Academic education, scientific research and in-depth work experience

  • The Extended Master in Sociology is a Master's program lasting one and a half year (90 ECTS), divided into 6 units.
  • In semester 1, students follow the regular coursework of MA Sociology; in semester 2 and 3, regular coursework and work on Master Thesis are combined with a junior traineeship.

  • The workload of the junior traineeship is equivalent to 30 ECTS. You participate during the traineeship for 50% of your time in existing (research) projects; for the other 50% of the time you will carry out research for - and write – your Master's thesis.
  • The research problem dealt with in the Master Thesis is preferably, but not necessarily, linked to the junior traineeship.
  • Two intake moments: you can start the Extended Master Sociology at the end of August as well as at the end of January.


During the traineeship, you participate in regular work activities within a partner organization. You perform a wide range of (project-) activities for and commissioned by the partner organization and your prime task is to participate in (the various stages of) new or existing (research) projects. This can vary from co-authorship of chapters/papers, doing analyses to data collection or regular professional tasks normally undertaken by (junior) researchers of their level of qualification.

On average, participating in regular work activities within the partner organization should amount to about 50% of the working time per week. The rest of the week, students follow the courses of the regular Master’s program, and work on their Master thesis. 

Master’s Thesis

 Ideally, but not necessarily, the research problem of Master’s Thesis is linked to the traineeship. If the Master Thesis is linked to the traineeship, the professional supervisor can also be appointed as supervisor and evaluator of the Master’s thesis.

Why the Extended Master Sociology?

  1. Become acquainted with the work of a sociologist and experience how it is to work in an organization
  2. Create and realize your own personal goals.
  3. Improve your social skills needed in a professional environment.
  4. Enhance your research skills in hands-on experience such as data gathering, (co-)
    writing, initiating and organizing a research.
  5. Enhance your skills in policy analysis and policy advice
  6. Apply and test sociological theories to practical problems.
  7. Be prepared for and have a good orientation to the labor market.  
  8. Make a head start into a professional career.

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Career prospects

After graduation of the Extended Master Sociology you have excellent job opportunities. The broad and in-depth knowledge and work experience acquired during your traineeship and Master’s program Sociology will enable you to make a substantial contribution to the analysis of and solutions to today's social problems. 

Each year, many students in the Extended Master Sociology get job offers in the organization they had their internship in. So it can be very profitable for starting your professional career.

Application procedure

All students who are  enrolled in the Master’s program Sociology can apply for a traineeship in the Extended Master Sociology.

At the start of the Master’s program Sociology (in September or January)  an information meeting is organized for students who are interested in the Extended Master Sociology. In the information meeting you’ll be further informed about the application procedure, application deadline, possible partner organizations, and the structure of the program and traineeship.    

More information

For more information about the Extended Master Sociology, please contact Loek Halman via e-mail at loek.halman@tilburguniversity.edu.

Michiel van Rijn

Michiel van Rijn

All the master students are given the opportunity to enroll for the extended master. That implies that you will do an internship at a (research) company in the Netherlands. That looked like a great opportunity to get as much learned as possible during my last years of being a student. I’m really grateful that I was given all these opportunities and I’m really happy I took them. 

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