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Extended Master Sociology

The Extended Master in Sociology (EMS) is a Master's program lasting 18 months (90 ECTS), divided into three semesters. During the first semester, EMS students will do the course work of the regular one-year Master in Sociology at Tilburg University. During semesters two and three, students will follow a junior traineeship at a selected organization for 50% of their time, during which they will participate in existing (research) projects; for the other 50% of the time students will carry out research for - and write - the Master Thesis.

The EMS combines academic education and scientific research during the Master's thesis trajectory with in-depth work experience in an organization in a way that is not possible in the one-year Master's program. 
The goal of the EMS is to provide students with relevant work experience and to enhance their research skills and knowledge. From the students' point of view, the EMS aims to:

  1. Familiarize students with areas in which they may later work as a sociologist;
  2. provide students with the experience of working in an organization and thereby clarify the image students have of the occupational life of a sociologist;
  3. stimulate the development of social skills needed in occupational practice;
  4. develop familiarity with the labor market;
  5. support the transition from an academic program into a professional career (the traineeship may function in part as a possible recruitment method for an organization;
  6. enhance the students' research skills, giving hands-on experience in collection, (co-)writing, initiating and organizing a research project;
  7. provide the opportunity to apply sociological theories to practical problems and test the results;
  8. provide an empirical basis for writing the Master thesis;
  9. broaden the themes and issues studied by sociology students;
  10. enhance skills in policy analysis and policy advice;
  11. give students the possibility to reflect on - and write-up - their traineeship's learning goals and experiences.

For more information about the Extended Master Sociology, please look at the document Extended Master Sociology, in which the organizational setup and application procedure is explained for the academic year 2014/2015. In addition, you can look at the profiles of the participating partner organizations.

For more information please contact Wilfred Uunk, Program Director Sociology, via e-mail at

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