Testimonial Dual Degree

Lucas Klerkx
  • Name: Lucas Klerkx
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Bachelor's program: Business Economics at Tilburg University
  • Master's program: Strategic Management at Tilburg University
  • Master's program: Finance at EBS
  • Year of graduation: 2016

What was your motivation to apply for the Dual Degree program?

Ever since I started my Bachelor in Business Economics, I was intrigued by management topics. Therefore, I decided to expand my knowledge in the field of Strategic Management, but during this year I found that my interests had also shifted to finance-related topics. I wanted to grasp the most complex quantitative issues and especially how they are ‘solved’. Moreover, I was looking for an international experience with an emphasis on academic development.

Then, as a logical consequence, this dual degree program offered me a chance to specialize in two disciplines in tandem at two of the most internationally renowned universities and business schools.

This program does not only provide you with the opportunity to expand your knowledge academically, but also creates the possibility to broaden your international perspective. You will experience a new culture, make lots of new friends and learn new ways of thinking.

What has surprised you (positively) about your Master's program?

Since this program offers you the possibility to start your studies at Tilburg University and then depart for a destination abroad for a full year, you really get the time to dig deeper into the culture and thoroughly experience the different ways of acting and thinking. 

The experience to study at a private business school was also new to me. Where a University allows you to focus mainly on research, a business school emphasizes the practical aspect of business, which might be very convenient if you want to prepare yourself for a future career in business. Moreover, because a business school operates on a relatively small scale, the relationships among students and staff are more intense, which leads to a near-family feel.

What was your biggest challenge in your Dual Degree program? 

Although the two Master’s disciplines I opted for are both business-related, many differences between approaches exist. Obviously a certain approach might work for a management-related topic, but definitely not for a finance-related topic. Therefore, my biggest challenge was to consciously structure my thoughts between both approaches. However, this interdisciplinary gap often led to novel ideas and combining the different schools of thought led to a more comprehensive view of businesses.

Do you have any advice for current students?

I always advise people to follow their hearts and follow through with what makes them happy. I believe that you can only be great at something if you love what you’re doing. So make sure that the choices you make are for the right reasons. Moreover, I would advise students to maintain a positive mindset. This will make your lives much easier and enjoyable!

 What are your career aspirations?

At the moment, I’m still exploring the job market, but my aspiration lies in doing something that will benefit the world and enhance people’s lives.

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