Admission and application Supply Chain Management

Which application procedure should you follow?

The Dutch diploma procedure applies to:

  • Bachelor's graduates of Tilburg University
  • Bachelor's graduates of other Dutch universities
  • Graduates from a university in the Netherlands Antilles
  • Graduates from a university in Suriname (BUT WITH NON-EEA APPLICATION DEADLINE!)

Follow the 'Procedure Dutch diploma' on the current page (see below)

The non-Dutch diploma procedure applies to:

  • Graduates from a non-Dutch university

Go to the Procedure Non-Dutch diploma

Procedure Dutch diploma

a) Check your eligibility

Bachelor's graduates of Tilburg University

Bachelor's of Tilburg School of Economics and Management

A Bachelor's degree of Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) makes you automatically eligible for several Master's programs. Check the Overview Admission for TiSEM Bachelors for the specific entry requirements to each Master's program.

Should your degree not meet the criteria, you can make an appointment with your program coordinator to discuss your options.

Bachelor's of other Schools of Tilburg University

Some programs at Tilburg University give access to a tailor made individual deficiency program (during the bachelor), or to an academic premaster.

Contact the program coordinator for more information and check the overview Bachelor's to Pre-Master’s programs to see for which programs you are eligible.

Bachelor's graduates of other Dutch universities

You will need a solid academic basis in the following areas in order to qualify for the Master's in Supply Chain Management program:

  • Management and Organization (6-12 ECTS)
  • Economics (6-12 ECTS)
  • Finance (6-12 ECTS)
  • Marketing (6-12 ECTS)
  • Accounting (6-12 ECTS)
  • Supply Chain Management / Operations Management (6-12 ECTS)
  • Research methods and Academic Training (6-12 ECTS)
  • Mathematics (6-12 ECTS)
  • Statistics (6-12 ECTS)

*Academic training means courses / experience in research skills and an academic way of working. E.g. if you have written a thesis or have done a research project this will count as academic training.

Note that these requirements are indicative, the final assessment lies with the admissions committee

  • With a prior education in the Netherlands, you can get an indication of your eligibility at
  • Students with a degree from the Netherlands Antilles can check their eligibility in this overview.

Hbo Bachelor's graduates

Students with a Bachelor's degree from a university of applied sciences (hbo) are required to complete the Pre-Master's program prior to entering the Master's program.

b) Consider the deadlines for the online application for admission

  • Starting end of August:
    before August 1.
  • Starting end of January (only possible for university graduates):
    before January 1.

c) Follow the application procedure

If you have a:

  1. eligible TiSEM Bachelor's or Pre-Master's degree
  2. AND are already registered as a student at Tilburg University,

then you don't have to submit an application for admission and can directly re-enroll for a Master's program. In June you will receive an email at your Tilburg University email address about re-enrollment.

All other applicants should follow the procedure described below:

Step 1: Submit an online application for admission

You need permission from the Admissions Committee of TiSEM to register for this program. Please use the form that applies to your situation:

  • Students with a Dutch academic Bachelor's degree; apply via our wo bachelor form.
  • Students with a Dutch hbo Bachelor’s degree; apply via our hbo form.
  • Students with a Dutch hbo bachelor’s degree and a non-TiSEM Pre-Master need to apply via the hbo-wo form.
  • TiSEM students who are currently enrolled in an eligible TiSEM bachelor's or Pre-Master's program only need to apply via Studielink.

Step 2: Admission Committee's decision

You will receive an email and a letter stating the outcome of your admission request and information about the rest of the admission procedure. There are three possibilities:

  • A. (Conditionally) accepted to the Master's program
    If you are conditionally accepted, this means that you are admitted to our Master's program, provided that you send the originals or certified copies of your documents.
  • B. (Conditionally) accepted to a Pre-Master's program
    It is possible that you do not completely fulfill the requirements. If this is the case, we may offer you a Pre-Master's program to prepare you for the Master's program. Conditionally accepted means that you are admitted to the Pre-Master's program, provided that you send the originals or certified copies of your documents.
  • C. Rejected
    If you do not fulfill the admission requirements, your application will be rejected. We will e-mail you personally the reasons for the rejection.

Step 3: Enroll via Studielink

All applicants accepted for this program are required to register via Studielink, the Dutch national database for higher education.

  • You need to register before the official start of the program, but we strongly advise you to register in Studielink as soon as possible after your admission.
  • You will not receive information about other procedures after your admission until you have registered in Studielink.
  • You will be given more specific information in your acceptance letter regarding the registration procedure, including information about the exact program for which you must register in Studielink.
    • The name of this Master's program in Studielink:
      M Supply Chain Management
      (croho: 60093).
    • The name of the Pre-Master's program in Studielink:
      B Bedrijfseconomie (premaster Supply Chain Management).
      In English: B Business Administration (pre-Master Supply Chain Management).

Enroll via Studielink >>

Step 4: Confirm your enrollment

After your registration in Studielink, you will be notified by Tilburg University and need to confirm this registration before you can start with the program.

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact us for your personal queries about the program, admission and enrollment.

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