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Promotie R. Rabovic MSc

Titel: Essays in Economics of Education and Econometric Theory
Promotor: prof. dr. J.H. Abbring
Copromotor: dr. P. Cizek

This doctoral thesis is composed of three chapters on economics of education and econometric theory. Chapter 2 studies how students interact in teams and gives some guidance to educators how to group students to increase their academic knowledge obtained from teamwork. Chapter 3 provides some initial analysis which will be used in future research to investigate whether teachers' subjective assessments are driven by superior information about pupils or by their biases and mistaken beliefs. It is important to disentangle these two forms of teacher discretion, because they have different policy implications. If teacher discretion stems from their biases or mistaken beliefs, educational institutions may want to minimize the reliance on teachers' assessments. On the other hand, if teachers take into account abilities not captured by the standardized test, educational institutions may prefer to give more weight to their assessments. Chapter 3 proposes a new estimator for spatial sample selection models.

Renata Rabovič (Pabradė, Lithuania, 1988) obtained her BA degree in Economics at Vilnius University in 2011. After completing the Research Master in Economics program at the CentER Graduate School of Tilburg University in 2013, she continued with her Ph.D. research in the Department of Econometrics and Operations Research at Tilburg University. In September 2018, she joined the Faculty of Economics of the University of Cambridge as a Postdoctoral Researcher and St John’s College as a Teaching Associate.

Locatie: Cobbenhagengebouw, Aula (ingang via Koopmansgebouw)

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