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Lunch colloquium Social Psychology door Loes Keijsers

12:45 uur
Loes Keijsers (Tilburg University)
Titel: Understanding health, well-being and adaptation using intensive longitudinal data
Locatie: AZ 209


Why does one person become a rock star, and another a mass-murderer? Why are some people always happy, and others cranky, pessimistic and perhaps even disappointed in life? Why do some people thrive and others don’t? In this presentation, I will highlight how novel  longitudinal methods may allow us to obtain more in depth insights into the underlying developmental mechanisms of health, well-being, and adaptation. I will first describe some of the recent concerns with longitudinal designs and data-analysis, illustrated with some empirical examples from parenting research. Second, I will highlight how Experience Sampling Methods may provide novel opportunities for testing behavioral mechanisms in daily life.

Wanneer: 13 oktober 2017 12:45