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Tilburg School of Catholic Theology duidt de katholieke traditie in de context van de hedendaagse maatschappij en bestudeert de spirituele behoefte van het individu.

Congress: Early Christian Mystagogy and the Body

Third International Congress of the Netherlands Centre for Patristic Research, August 30 – September 1, 2017, Utrecht

Mystagogy is a more or less formal process of initiation by ritual, sacramental, and didactic means into a continuously and intimately felt presence of a mystery that is regarded as transforming one's personal life. As such, mystagogy is embodied.

Two older traditions about human physicality influenced the Church's vision and development of the process of initiation into the Christian faith. One tradition stressed the positive value of the body, also for the life of the soul. The other tradition was the Platonic dualism of soul and body.

The congress focuses on the role of the body in these approaches to the divine, in theory and in practice, in individual authors and/or collective contexts from the patristic period, and reflects on how the findings might be interpreted in the light of modern thinking and practice.

For information about program and speakers, see the congress website. Registration please follow this link.

Wanneer: 30 augustus 2017 10:00

Einddatum: 01 september 2017 13:00