Tilburg Law School

Tilburg Law School verzorgt hooggewaardeerd onderwijs en onderzoek op het gebied van rechten en bestuurskunde in zowel een nationale als een internationale omgeving.

Data Science and Law

DSC/t teaches data science to students, upcoming researchers and business professionals. For this purpose various educational programs have been developed:

In addition, the Provincial Government of Noord-Brabant, the Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg University, and Eindhoven University of Technology have invested in the development of new study programs:

Education programs

Data science is a multidisciplinary scientific field, with a large role for computer science and mathematical and statistical techniques, as well as human-technology interaction, social sciences and legal and ethical aspects. Data Science Center Tilburg is unique in that it combines these areas of expertise from Tilburg University’s different Schools.

Tilburg University’s research is based on a strong tradition of quantitative and technical research skills. In DSC/t its extensive knowledge in applied data science is combined with strong expertise in communication as well as values, ethics and regulatory and legal implications.

Research programs

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science

Big Data Onderzoek Tilburg

Data Science Center Tilburg