University College Tilburg

University College Tilburg biedt de mulitdisciplinaire opleiding Liberal Arts and Sciences. In een state-of-the art locatie in het hart van de campus van Tilburg University ontwikkelen internationale studenten zich tot kritische denkers en toekomstige leiders.

University College Tilburg

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Combineer inzichten uit de sociale wetenschappen, recht, geschiedenis, het bedrijfsleven en de cognitieve neurowetenschappen om waardevolle bijdragen te leveren aan het oplossen van belangrijke maatschappelijke vraagstukken.

University College Tilburg verzorgt de bacheloropleiding Liberal Arts and Sciences.


  • 12-10-2017Opinie

    Jeroen Stekelenburg: It is all in the face
    Every day I commute from my hometown to Tilburg by public transportation. Before I doze off on the train, I often play a game trying to guess the jobs of my fellow commuters. For that I use different kinds of cues such as clothes (suit, tie, dress, shoes, boots, etc.), hairstyle, notebook (Windows or Apple) but especially the face itself. There is some evidence that people can tell someone’s job just on the basis of facial features. Lees meer

  • 12-09-2017Opinie

    Orange Emperor’s New Clothes
    On August 21, 2017, University College Tilburg launched the new academic year with an opening conference on the topic of shame. Jenny Slatman, professor of Medical Humanities in the Department of Cultural Studies, gave a fascinating talk on how shame shapes bodies, literally as well as figuratively. Lees meer

  • 08-08-2017Opinie

    Tessa Leesen: The Pursuit of Happiness
    Ordinary things (‘Doodgewone dingen’) is a section in De Standaard Magazine, which asks an interesting person what little things make his or her heart sing. The answers vary from an empty inbox and the first coffee of the day, to making someone laugh out really loud, the friendly smile of a stranger, visiting a supermarket abroad and the smell of a coffee roaster. Lees meer

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