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Tilburg University gaat uitdagingen aan die bijdragen aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving van vandaag en morgen. Met uw financiële steun kunnen wij nog beter onze ambities waarmaken en net dat stapje extra zetten.

Alberto Rivera Graduate Alumni Scholarship

Master International Business Law 2011-20123
Alberto Rivera

Alberto Rivera uit Bolivia ontving in juli 2012 zijn diploma voor de master International Business Law. Bekijk het filmpje waarin Alberto uitlegt waarom hij zo blij is dat hem deze kans werd geboden.

Dear Tilburg Alumni,

It has been a year and two months since I and other students from twenty seven different countries graduated from Tilburg University Law School with an LL.M in International Business Law. Time goes by so fast! But I still keep great memories, lots of friends and useful skills and knowledge from the year I spent in Netherlands. I am very grateful for the support you gave in order to have such an amazing experience.

After graduating from Tilburg University Law School, I spent a month and a half travelling all around Europe and farther away. Therefore, I was able to visit historic cities as Rome, Florence, Paris and Prague; summer spots as Mallorca, Barcelona and Lisbon; cosmopolitan cities as Paris and Milan; and adventurous places as Doha, Bali and Rio de Janeiro. It was amazing to meet so many different cities with their particularities. It was also pleasant to organize these trips with friends and family, as each type of companion make your vacations different but always fun.

Once the vacations and party ended, I came back to Bolivia. It was so good to meet again with people I had not seen for a while, and to share my experiences with them. All of them agreed that living in Netherlands for a year had changed me and my perspectives in a certain way, but that such changes were positive; I feel the same way.

My first weeks were basically spent meeting old friends and family, so I can say that I was still pretty relaxed and laid back. But I also knew that the next step was applying the knowledge that I had acquired and, therefore, find a job. Fortunately it did not take long before I could find a job that suited my expectations; actually, it only took one job interview. I applied to a law firm named “Estudio Juridico Gerke”, which is a medium sized law firm located in La Paz; I wanted to work there as it has a splendid reputation in Bolivia and it focuses on Commercial and Corporative Law.

Currently, I am working as the associate responsible for Intellectual Property matters in La Paz; one of the key elements to get the job was my previous experience in the Intellectual Property field and the complementing information that I received on European Intellectual Property Law during the master program I attended to in Tilburg University. However, it is an advantage to work in a law firm which is not uniquely focused on Intellectual Property, but on Commercial and Corporative Law as well. Therefore, I am also involved in the legal analysis and procedures to execute commercial transactions such as international supply agreements between Bolivian and foreign companies, and a couple of mergers between Bolivian companies. In these scenarios I can also share the information I obtained during my master studies and apply such knowledge in the Bolivian reality.

I can say that “what happened after Tilburg” was great, and I want to thank you for that. None of these would happened without the support I received form Tilburg Alumni.

Regards, Alberto Rivera