Steun Tilburg University

Tilburg University gaat uitdagingen aan die bijdragen aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving van vandaag en morgen. Met uw financiële steun kunnen wij nog beter onze ambities waarmaken en net dat stapje extra zetten.

Pavel Bespalov

'Thanks to Tilburg Law School Fund I am now working for an International Pharmaceutical Company managing legal and compliance function in a few CIS markets'

Pavel Bespalov

"After my education at Tilburg University I went for a couple of weeks to Dusseldorf International Business Law summer school. I revised my knowledge and had a chance to listen to what my passion was saying about the future. I decided neither to continue studying to obtain a PhD nor to stay in the Netherlands applying for internship with any local company.

Happily returned to the Ukraine, I joined KPMG as a legal consultant. I thought it would be a good thing to learn how an international consultancy firm operates. It was an interesting experience of working 10 to 12 hours per day throughout 8 months. I learned the quality of work that such giants as KPMG provide and how the work process is structured within the organization. Apart from that, I was tired to continue and made my mind to change the way of life. Successfully, I found a position with GSK – an English pharmaceutical giant. I discovered that there exist companies which extremely care about their employees, their development and the work environment. While working for GSK for 1,5 years as a legal consultant I think that there is no better employer on the planet than GSK. Many thanks to my legal manager and all the company’s values that still mean something form me. Professionally, I had to learn the whole new area of pharmaceutical law and I loved it. I was digging in antitrust, anticorruption, pharmaceutical legislation (including clinical trials) personal data protection, promotion activities, public procurement, litigation not taking into account general corporate and commercial legal practice.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to take a position which was above my expectations. Although, as I told you already, I love GSK, their open and transparent management, the culture and the employees, I had to leave for a higher position with another pharmaceutical company. It was a difficult decision and I was scared that I might make the wrong choice. The final argument was: if I miss such an opportunity, will I have the same type of offer soon? I am now only 2 months in my current role I and I like what I do.

Thanks to Tilburg Law School Fund I had a chance to learn so many things which are relevant to my day to day activities, even in the Ukraine."