Steun Tilburg University

Tilburg University gaat uitdagingen aan die bijdragen aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving van vandaag en morgen. Met uw financiële steun kunnen wij nog beter onze ambities waarmaken en net dat stapje extra zetten.

Pavlo Pustovit Scholarship Recipient

Pavlo Pustovit studeerde in 2014-2015 International Business Law dankzij een beurs mogelijk gemaakt door Vollenhoven Olie BV. Op 1 oktober 2015 ontving hij zijn diploma.

Ticket to a bright future

Looking back, I must say I made the right choice to get my second master degree at Tilburg University. If it were possible, I would repeat last year. Doing my master degree at Tilburg University offered me a great chance to make new international friends and meet a lot of knowledgeable people from all over the world.

There were many great moments during my year of study and the one when I got to know the decision about the scholarship was definitely among them. As I have mentioned before, when I was informed of receiving the scholarship, I simply could not believe it… I was shocked.

Looking back

I faced difficulties which are quite common among students from abroad: language barrier, different academic approach, sometimes even cultural misunderstanding, some sort of emotional isolation due to the lack of family's and friends' participation in life. Fortunately, these were temporary issues. Once you get sincerely and deeply involved into your new role, the perspective is completely changed and you perfectly find your way.

The Tilburg experience

First of all, I must say that I do like Tilburg and for me it is the second home city! I enjoy Tilburg not only for the university, but also as the place itself. It is cozy and has a slow pace of life. And now one anecdotic situation that happened to me in Tilburg this May. The fighting association Shikara, of which I am a member, organized an open Karate training at the National park just before summer holidays. This park is quite far from Tilburg (around 15-17 kilometers). Nevertheless, I decided to go there by bike. In spite of multiple damages that happened to my bike on my way to the National park, eventually I made it to the meeting point. What was my disappointment when I realized that I simply confused the time and basically came by the end of the training, when my friends were gathering to go back home. Thankfully, they were still there and took me and my bike home in the trunk of the van. As a conclusion, I have learnt to check time twice ;)

Life after graduation

image graduation pustovit

The graduation day made me feel differently about myself. Before that, I was so absorbed with the idea not to miss anything, to meet my deadline, to do my best etc, so at some point I stopped to reflect on my results. I was obsessed with what had to be done, but once my defense was finished, I realized that I had accomplished one of the biggest challenge in my life so far. I did it in my way, in my own time and with my own results, but it was done. And there is a long way between my starting point and today. Moreover, I would love to take up the next challenge and try to get professional experience here in the Netherlands. So I’ve decided to stay in Tilburg and to try my luck to seek a proper job in an international organization, enterprise or law firm. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way! Moreover, after the study I have also started to think about different entrepreneurial ideas that were popping up in my mind in the course of my hobby.

My short-term plan is to get some practical experience within the field of law. Afterwards, maybe I’ll find a good idea and an area to give a try to my own business project. Anyway, life is just like a box of chocolates, who knows what we’re going to get next?

Thank you!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vollenhoven Olie for the timely and invaluable support they provided to me and my family! I am very honored to receive this award. Undoubtedly, the scholarship gave me a chance to graduate from this great university with the solid knowledge base and innovative approach. Thus, the knowledge and skills I got there are the asset for the future live. Or to put it differently, my Tilburg University diploma is the first-class ticket to anywhere without limitations in time and routes and my goal is to make sure that I use it in a proper way. Vollenhoven Olie team, thank you once again for the ticket to the bright future!

Update: Pavlo is afgestudeerd!

image pavlo pustovit graduation

Op 31 augustus is Pavlo afgestudeerd aan de master International Business Law. Zijn verdediging op de laatste dag van het academisch jaar 2014-2015 was succesvol. Gefeliciteerd Pavlo!

Pavlo ontvangt zijn cijferlijst, zijn diploma ontvangt hij binnenkort.

Pavlo's eerste semester in Tilburg

"My first half year of the Master International Business Law at Tilburg University was a major turning point in my life. The time I've spent here has flown by so quickly. Now, I am more involved in the study process and I became familiar with the high research standards and different culture. I have met people from all over the world, with their own culture and habits. This has been a valuable experience for me, which especially improved my language skills, solving my problem with the language barrier.  This improvement resulted mostly from the daily communication with people and day to day studies. Even so, in the world outside my studies, being able to communicate in English is definitely a necessity. I have started to prepare my master thesis and take English Academic Writing courses which help me with my master paper.

I have also developed my social life outside the university.  I learned about Dutch customs and mentality. I have visited some wonderful cities in Holland, such as Gouda and Maastricht, which left a footprint in my view on Dutch culture. I have taken up the sports karate and jiu jitsu. In late January I passed the belt exams for both sports and got to the next belts.

I’m extremely grateful for the scholarships which has provided me with a foundation to focus on my research for a full year."

image Pavlo Pustovit

Pavlo stelt zichzelf voor

“My name is Pavlo Pustovit. I am a recent graduate of National University ‘Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine’ which possess the first place in Ukraine among law schools that train top level professionals within the field. I have completed my master’s degree in jurisprudence last year and gained one of the best and necessary qualifications in the world. I’m a lawyer which I am proud of. My free time, I like to spend on my rare hobby: solving twisty puzzles like the Rubik cube. It lets me change the scene in my daily life and improve my logic skills at the same time. I have one of the biggest collections in Ukraine.

I come from the eastern part of Ukraine, from the city of Donetsk. Donetsk is one of the biggest industrial, cultural, and scientific centers in Ukraine. But, as you know, Donetsk is now a war zone.

I arrived in Tilburg this summer to study the Master’s Program International Business Law at Tilburg University. I started with a summer course in English so that my level of English would be sufficient to take the lectures. After the summer course, I joined the introduction week. Unfortunately, because of the war, the financial situation in my family changed since I arrived here. The result of this, is that I would have had to return home. I was not longer able to afford my tuition fee and living expences."

Receiving the Vollenhoven Olie Scholarship of Academic Excellence gave me the wonderful opportunity to stay.

"When I was informed of receiving the scholarship, I simply could not believe it… I was in shock all weekend. Now, I could stay and pursue my ambition and continue studying in my master’s program in International Business Law. My ambition is to make a positive influence on really serious and global changes in my home country as well as outside of it. In my opinion, it is undoubtedly true that nowadays companies and entrepreneurship play a major role in successful economic and social development of each country and as a result in world welfare. By studying in this program, I learn to apply experience and knowledge of those countries that have already been enjoying the results of their fruitful work. The Netherlands are recognized as one of the leading legal systems in the field of corporate law, and known for a highly developed business environment. But what is more important, The Netherlands and Tilburg University in particular, have invaluable experience of in-depth interdisciplinary studies within the field of law and economics. It is a natural place to engage in intellectually vigorous study of both the theory and practice. It has produced a number of unique efficient ways of how the best practices of corporate governance can be reached. In these terms, Ukraine is a very young country.

With the first payment of the scholarship, I could buy the first book I needed for class. I was also able to buy the sports card and arranged for my membership of the student association I*ESN. This will help me connect to other international students in Tilburg and build my social life.
If I had not received this scholarship, I would be back in the Ukraine now. I would not have been able to go home, because everyone has been evacuated. I probably would have had to find a job and apartment in Kiev, which is really difficult right now. Kiev has become an expensive city and jobs are not paying well. I cannot believe how lucky I am receiving the opportunity to stay here in Tilburg. Unfortunately, my family’s financial situation is difficult, due to the dangerous situation and tragic events in my home country, the ongoing war in Donetsk - which also affected the Netherlands and the university in particular. A lot of people say there isn't help out there, but this shows that there is help out there. In these circumstances only a scholarship gives me an opportunity to study. And being able to study gives me a chance to broaden my outlook. It offers me the chance to develop myself in the field of my professional interests from the perspective of its best practices and the most recent developments.
I will always have people to thank for my accomplishments and now for receiving financial help. Getting this scholarship is a great honor for me.”