Steun Tilburg University

Tilburg University gaat uitdagingen aan die bijdragen aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving van vandaag en morgen. Met uw financiële steun kunnen wij nog beter onze ambities waarmaken en net dat stapje extra zetten.

Phuong Nguyen

image phoung nguyen

In augustus 2016 begon Phuong Nguyen uit Vietnam aan haar master op Tilburg University. Met de beurs die mogelijk is gemaakt door de Tilburg Law School alumni, kan zij dit collegejaar de master International Business Law volgen.

Phuong Nguyen stelt zich voor

"Hi! I am Phuong Nguyen from Vietnam, one of two Tilburg Law School Alumni Scholarships students for the academic year 2016-2017. I thank Tilburg Law School Alumni and Tilburg Law School for offering me this prestigious opportunity to come to and live in The Netherlands and especially Tilburg University!
I graduated from Ho Chi Minh University of Law last September. Actually, I had no idea about a master program until my graduation. Afterwards I worked for a top tier-one Vietnamese law firm then I realized that academic knowledge plays a pivotal role in my career path as a lawyer and a law researcher, which I could totally find in a LL.M program. Hence, I spent all my spirit and my best effort for preparation.
I madly love tulips and The Netherlands with no reason. Therefore, I decided to gain my master degree in The Netherlands. Everything is still as a dream for me since Tilburg Law School gave me this golden ticket.
Coming to the Netherlands is my first time overseas and living far away from my family. It is now almost one month since my arrival in Tilburg. So far, I have enjoyed The Netherlands and Tilburg University very much. I love the quiet and fresh atmosphere in Tilburg and the green campus. I actually enjoy going everywhere in Tilburg and the nearby by bike and travelling within Holland by train. Everyone here is super nice and really good at English. I have not faced with language trouble though I do not speak Dutch.
For the International Business Law Master, though I am dealing with several issues regarding basic knowledge of European laws and securities law, I very much like the interactive learning environment where students can discuss every certainty with professors and coordinators, and the problem based approach by which we talk about the most current and novel matters over the world. From these courses day by day I am learning the fundamental and essential knowledge and practical skills as a business lawyer. Moreover, I highly appreciate the approaching method of professors in TLS that is not only the compliance and legal aspects but also from entrepreneurship and creativity."

Winter update

"Now I am in the Christmas vacation, which I do not have in Vietnam. Time definitely files and it makes me love UvT more. My courses among the International Business Law Master Program (IBL) are indeed interesting and well organized. I have learnt a lot about securities regulation, M&A and contracts, which will turn into my expertise in my future career. These were so tough at first since I am only familiar with the written law, not case law. Then, I tried to dig deep and work hard. After that, I found case law is obviously interesting by the underlying theories behind every single remarkable case law. Now, I am counting on the negotiation, commercial law courses and the most important part, my master’s thesis next semester. I firmly think that all the insightful knowledge I have gained in this IBL program are building solid stepping-stones in my law career as a business lawyer."

Getting more mature

"It is 4 months since my arrival in Tilburg. I have made many international friends from different countries and cultures. There are various things changed in my mindset and standpoint after exchanging and rotating myself among international environment at Tilburg University. I believe that living alone in another country is not about education but also about getting more mature after a tough time in dealing with troubles, issues and culture shocks. The weather is indeed not so great. It gets dark so early and there is hardly any sunlight in the daytime. In addition, the temperature is too low for me since I never experienced below-10-degree-weather. However, I really appreciate the Dutch life style that helps me recognize the most valuable stuff in my life. Those are my beloved ones, health, healthy routines, balanced life and enjoying all of those."


"I have spent time travelling in Belgium and Germany. To be honest, whenever I went out of The Netherlands, I did miss it so much. Only a semester left, I will always remember the long line in front of the library before opening time every weekday during exams period under minus 6 degrees. Then, I definitely miss the Blackboard notifications coming every time regardless day or night, weekdays or weekend, normal studying time or during vacation. This master’s time definitely is the most unforgettable time in my life. Definitely, this is the Tilburg Alumni Scholarship to bring me here, to create me today and to light up my future."

More scholarships

"As an ambitious wish, I hope that more Vietnamese students could benefit from this treasure Tilburg Alumni Scholarship. Furthermore, I hope that there are more scholarships for international students from developing countries like Vietnam to live and experience the high qualified and high research level of Tilburg University."