Steun Tilburg University

Tilburg University gaat uitdagingen aan die bijdragen aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving van vandaag en morgen. Met uw financiële steun kunnen wij nog beter onze ambities waarmaken en net dat stapje extra zetten.

Eva Tran

Eva Tran

In augustus 2015 begon Eva Tran uit Vietnam aan haar master op Tilburg University. Met de beurs die mogelijk is gemaakt door de Tilburg Law School alumni, kan zij dit collegejaar de master International Business Law volgen.


“The academic year has just ended, remarking a memorable year of mine. Ten-month period is not a long time but it goes beyond my expectation about what I could have learned and done. Besides the knowledge that I was provided during the LL.M program, it is the ability to successfully manage all of the work that I see as a crucial goal. Studying law is difficult but it is even harder when classes, assignments, exams and the thesis are continuously waiting. That is the time we have to learn about the lesson on management to work under pressure and successfully complete all the tasks but not ignoring the other aspects of the life. As a Professor of mine once said: “We go to law school or specifically for this class, not only to know about the law but also to get familiar with the life of a lawyer”.  It is the lesson that by virtue of its practicality, does impress me the most in my time in Tilburg Law School.

Perceiving that working under pressure is part of the future career, like other classmates, I did try to cope with these tough periods. The “worst” one in my opinion must be that of early of June when the final exams were coming and it was also the deadline to submit and defense the Master thesis. I had been terribly occupied but after all, I knew that I learned and got something greater: the patience, the effort and the ability to manage that no book has ever mentioned and given us the advice.

My year in Tilburg was a truly remarkable life memory in which many aspects of my life have changed. They surpass the ordinary expectation over high education, i.e. to get the knowledge and a degree to prepare for the future career but more importantly, I get a chance to grow up to be self-made and manage to balance my professional and personal life. It is when I realize that after all, I am not only a student in a class but one of life. I will forever memorize this stage and deeply acknowledge Tilburg Law School Alumni whose scholarship gave me such a valuable opportunity to come to the Netherlands and realize my dream.”

De ervaringen van Eva Tran in het eerste semester

"I am Eva Tran, one of the students lucky enough to be granted a TLS Alumni scholarship this academic year. It has been six months since the day I came to Netherlands and currently, I am in the second semester of the Master program in International Business Law. Time absolutely flies! I have already had so many new unforgettable experiences: working hard for the Master, making new friends and travelling to many places in the Netherlands and Europe.

Eva Tran reizen

My first semester was really busy with classes and assignments, It ended after a four week very intensive preparation for and taking of the final exams. Most of the exams in the second semester are take-home, which might have less pressure but we still need to focus and do much research. Generally, there are many busy tasks but I am learning a lot from them and finished all well.

This is my first time of coming and living in Europe for a long period, I do feel thankful that besides and after a hard-working time for daily courses and the final exams, I still have many chances to blend in the local society. That might simply consist of cups of coffee in the center of town on late Sunday morning while listening to the church bells, interesting trips to other cities for sight-seeing and visiting museums or happy hours of shopping and preparing for Christmas and New Year parties. However, to me, the most memorable and impressive celebration should be the Carnival occurring this early February when masked-and-costumed- people, creating a social unity, had huge street parades; and we, despite being strangers did share great time together. After all, for the time I have experienced in the Netherlands, what I see is not only a peaceful, canals-blessed country with bicycle-happy locals but also the whole charming cultural picture that makes my life in the last six months really enjoyable and meaningful."

Eva Tran stelt zich voor

"My name is Thuy Anh Tran and I come from Vietnam. Eva is my European name. I got my LL.B in International Law at Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and worked as a legal assistant at Vietnam International Arbitration Centre before starting the LL.M in International Business Law at Tilburg University.

Taking the LL.M at Tilburg University is a milestone in my life, because I have opportunities to get overseas experience in study, networking and daily life. I felt it right in the first month since I moved to Tilburg: everything is new and I have to make efforts to take the balance and adapt with the new environment. Sometimes, this time may be rough when I learn to be self-made, struggle with homesickness, culture shock or excessive workload. But it still is a valuable adventure everyone should embark on – to grow up, gain knowledge and experience new page of life.

That is why I am deeply grateful to Tilburg Law School Alumni for granting me the huge scholarship, by which I am not only financially supported but also encouraged to pursue the passion for law studies. This opportunity realizes my dream of entering higher education abroad and spiritually enhances my confidence on making one step closer to further professional development. These days in Tilburg, I am still trying to do all my best, thankfully inspired from this recognition and trust of the Law School Alumni."