Steun Tilburg University

Tilburg University gaat uitdagingen aan die bijdragen aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving van vandaag en morgen. Met uw financiële steun kunnen wij nog beter onze ambities waarmaken en net dat stapje extra zetten.

Kshitiz Dahal

image kshitiz dahal Kshitiz Dahal uit Nepal ontving een alumnibeurs van de Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Met deze beurs volgt hij vanaf augustus 2015 de master Economics.

"I was born in Nepal, a developing country in Asia. The fact that we were a poor country always made me curious about the reason why we were poor, and it sparked a deep desire in me to contribute to its prosperity. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to do my undergraduate degree in USA. After finishing my degree and working there for two and a half years, I returned to Nepal. I was reintroduced to the poverty in the course of my travels and volunteering works. This ignited my dormant passion in Economics and I realized the best way I could contribute to my community was to devote myself to a deeper study of Economics. I feel blessed to have received Tilburg Alumni Scholarship which has enabled me to dig deeper into the subject matter and I am extremely grateful for that. After finishing this degree I plan to embark on a journey to carry out researches and solve complex economic problems. I am confident that this opportunity made possible by the Alumni Scholarship will help me accomplish my dream and goals, but most importantly help me be a positive influence in the world and capable of giving back to the community."