Steun Tilburg University

Tilburg University gaat uitdagingen aan die bijdragen aan de kwaliteit van de samenleving van vandaag en morgen. Met uw financiële steun kunnen wij nog beter onze ambities waarmaken en net dat stapje extra zetten.

Syddhant Vyas Scholarship Recipient

image siddhant vyas 2

In augustus 2013 verwelkomde Tilburg Law School Siddhant Vyas uit India in de internationale bacheloropleiding Global Law. Sid krijgt een full scholarship van DLL, voor 2 jaar bachelor Global Law (Sid heeft een vrijstelling voor het eerste jaar).

Sid vertelt ons hoe het Academisch Jaar 2014-2015 tot nu toe verliep

“So I’ve finished my first year at Tilburg Law School studying Global Law (2012-2013). My second year in Tilburg and last year of Global Law has begun, indeed the first semester is well over.

Bit of a ride it’s been I must say. Where to start? This Third Year was framed first and foremost in a wholly new context for me; I am now living with exclusively Dutch roommates which was in itself a wholly new experience. As one might imagine language is the greatest barrier. Quickly though you realize that beyond these ‘superficial’ (if that’s a way to refer to linguistic ability) differences/barriers and a few cultural specifics, there isn’t much to separate people. Nevertheless, living with people who come from a different cultural scene is always a fun learning experience as you get to see where someone else comes from. It’s always cool.

In terms of academics, well before this point I had realized and was slowly seeing that while Anarchy is a beautiful concept, it is but that-essentially like democracy- but an ideal to aspire to. Arguably that is what Law is as well- something to aspire to be, a systemic call to be greater than ourselves. Thus when studying the new courses I came with fresh perspectives, subjects such as Dispute Resolution (Civil Procedure), Trans-National Mass Claim Litigation (Private Int’l Law), Accounting and Finance, Consumer and Labour Law (Obligations and Contracts II), Legal Philosophy II and Administrative Law.

I can draw a bunch of comparisons, from warfighting to football, but it’s the same- Law, governance and to govern are all about the details that come up in the face to face, toe to toe, 1v1 face-offs. It’s very much like the case of Palsgraf v. Long Island Railway Co. [1928], where if the case were argued differently, it would have had an entirely different outcome not only for the parties at hand but given the nature of common law and stare decisis, future generations of tortious claimants and the system of Tort Law.

Indeed it all really came to a head when towards the end of the semester when we had the MasterClass with DLL. At the end of it there was to be drinks where they could interact with students and vice versa. Now I don’t know how it’s gone, but I was able to follow and understand all the sort of nuanced legal questions that were being thrown up with respect to handling the legal responsibilities of a commercial juristic entity. Oddly enough I found I’d enjoyed it and I had a load of questions and possible answers to some of the questions that threw themselves up every now and then, both in terms of the substantive/systemic and/or procedural. As we were discussing things, Francisca Comiche, my sponor at DLL, said to me that she felt I had really ‘matured into becoming a lawyer’ in terms of my thinking, from the more ‘political’ and I could not have agreed more or been happier. I’ve become as I call it, a Law geek. It’s terrible but it’s so much fun.

Which really showed itself to be a very positive thing for me in terms of an overall feeling and translating into my other interests namely music, writing and sports. I reckon when you start doing well in something (or think that you are – fake it till you make it I guess) it sort of spills over into your general psyche and everything you do.

Siddhant Vyas over zijn eerste jaar Tilburg Law School

"My name is Siddhant Vyas. I have been pursuing a dual-degree program at Tilburg Law School from Jindal Law School. I study in the third year of the Global Law LLB, having joined in the second year fast track after having done four out of five years of an integrated Bachelors of Arts and Law program at Jindal Law School. In fact, this summer I graduated from Law School in India. Pending some red tape, I should have my Bar Council registration completed fairly soon. So yes, I am a lawyer; I can and will sue you. Just kidding (we'll settle out of court).

Considering however that my time here studying Global Law at TLS will soon come to its end, the time has come to deal with what lies ahead. I was lucky to have this extra year of study. In all it was thanks to the awesome folks over at De Lage Landen who decided to support the Global Law LLB program with a 2 year full scholarship in the first place, and secondly for choosing me. When I applied for it, I didn't actually think I'd get it and forgot about it to be honest. I was checking my mailbox for something else and found an email from Tilburg University. As it so happens, it was a letter telling me I am to the recipient of this scholarship which enables me to live and study here in Tilburg. For that, I am terribly grateful. I know I am not the only one who applied for it and not the only one who needed it as badly. Therefore I am well aware that I am in a position of privilege that I must make full use of.

I believe it is the responsibility of all those of us in positions of privilege in society to become aware of that and realize that many of the things we take for granted in life are luxuries born at someone else’s expense. Therefore we owe a responsibility to use our favored positions to reduce vertical hierarchies and contribute to fostering a greater culture of creativity, expression and furthering the ends of self-determination, knowledge and adventure.

To that end, I hope to pursue further studies of Public International Law and/or Public Administration/governance. However in order to be able to pursue said Master's program, I would be in need of funding. Unless I am able to obtain another scholarship (let's see if lightning strikes twice), I will probably end up working. While I cannot know where or what, I can be fairly certain, it's going to be fun and some good will come of it."