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E.M. Dorenbos

Promovendus, Onderzoeker, Redacteur

Tilburg Law School
Department of Business Law



  • Corporate Governance and Company Law.
  • Banking Regulation.
  • Boards of Directors: Conduct, Best Practices, Effectiveness.
  • Board Performance Assessment.
  • Liability of Outside Directors.
  • Liability of Bank Officers.



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Interest and Passion

Soprano (coloratura) vocalist:

- involved in solo concerts, chamber concerts, operas and operettas

- associated with the Private Vocal Academy of Poznan and working under the supervision of Professor Jadwiga Galeska-Tritt, Poznan, Poland

- affiliated with Schola Cantorum Posnaniensis a professional classical music chorus that advances choral art through an ambitious program consisting of stage performance, collaborations with Opera-Houses, touring, charity concerts, community education with focus on vocal art for children and youth.


Doctoral (PhD) Candidate, Center for Company Law, Department of Business Law [Tilburg Law School] and European Banking Center [Tilburg School of Economics and Management], Tilburg University. Started May 2011 (part-time).

MSc (Finance), Track: Financial Markets and Regulation, Duisenberg School of Finance, Amsterdam, 2010 (part-time).

MSc (Master in International Finance), Track: Corporate Governance, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Business School, 2010 (part-time).

MBA (Global Management), University of Washington (Michael G. Foster School of Business), Seattle / ASEBUSS, 2003.

MBA, Kennesaw State University (Michael J. Coles College of Business) / ASEBUSS, 2003 (executive).

M. Jur., European Law and Economic Integration, University of A. Mickiewicz, Poznan, 2001 (full-time).


Certificate in Financial Accounting (postmaster advanced studies). Certificate No.: 16670 Wroclaw University of Economics, Faculty of Finance, Management and Informatics, 2008.

Certificate in Arbitration and Mediation awarded by the National Court of Arbitration, Warsaw, Poland, 2012.



Professional Experience:

Research Fellow, Lecturer, Lawyer, Editor (2011 - current). Sector: higher education, academe. Organization: Tilburg University. Affiliated with Tilburg Law School, Center for Company Law, Department of Business Law. Affiliated with the European Banking Center,Tilburg School of Economics and Management. Editor, Member of Editorial Board at the Tilburg Law Review. Before joining the Department of Business Law and the European Banking Center, Tilburg University, Edyta has practiced law as corporate counsel providing legal assistance and advice to companies involved in cross-border commercial activities. She has affinity with law practice in several European jurisdictions.

Senior Corporate Counsel (2007-2011). Sector: telecommunication and media. Practice areas: corporate governance in privately held companies (acting as shareholders' representative), mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, commercial contracts, company law. Organization: associated with Comsys Holding BV, Rotterdam/Soesterberg. Jurisdiction: Netherlands.

Legal Counsel (2003-2007). Sector: telecommunication and media. Practice areas: mergers and acquisitions, business transactions, foreign direct investments, technology outsourcing and licensing, contract disputes. Organization: associated with Comsys Deutschland GmBH, Düsseldorf, Jurisdiction: Germany.

Corporate Lawyer (2001-2003). Sector: Off-shore contracting industry: maritime installations. Practice areas: maritime and off-shore contracting, commercial contracts, design and project engineering agreements, corporate law. Organization: associated with Mares and Associates Law Firm, Bucharest/Galati, Jurisdiction: Romania.

Legal Manager (1997-2001). Sector: Polymer processing industry. Practice areas: commercial contracts, business transactions, company law. Organization: associated with Cerpol Plastics, Jurisdiction: Poland.


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Current Research Projects:

  • Assessment procedures for performance of board of directors in the financial services industry.
  • Liability of outside directors in the financial services industry.
  • Liability of Bank Officers.
  • Corporate governance in financial institutions.

Externe erkenning

Academic member of:
  • European Corporate Governance Institute:
  • International Law Association & Konninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Internationaal Recht:


Research Fellow at :
  1. European Law Institute
European Law Institute has been established to initiate, conduct and facilitate research, make recommendations and provide practical guidance in the field of European legal development.



Overige werkzaamheden

  • Participation in the Board GPS Research Group.
The Board GPS Research Group was established by prominent scholars and business consultants experienced in reviewing, assessing and advising boards of directors with respect to boards' functioning and effectiveness. A special attention is given to boards of directors in the financial services industry. Factors affecting board effectiveness are examined at the group level of analysis (group dynamics) as well as at the individual level of analysis. More on the Board GPS Project: [Authorized access only]. For access adetails contact Professor J. McCahery, Professor J.W. Winter or Edyta Dorenbos.
  • Editor, Member of the Editorial Board of the Tilburg Law Review. External Relations Coordinator for the Tilburg Law Review.

Tilburg Law Review is an academic journal of international and European law. For more details see:

  • Professional Associations:
1. Law:
2. Finance:
3. Corporate Governance:

Kamer M 824
Postbus 90153
5000 LE Tilburg 
Telefoon+31 13 466 2213
Secretariaat +31 13 466 2672
Fax +31 13 466 2182

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Promovendus, Onderzoeker, Redacteur
Tilburg Law School
Department of Business Law

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Tilburg Law School - Department of Business Law

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Een afspraak t.b.v. een onderzoeksbespreking is tevens mogelijk in Amsterdam: Duisenberg School of Finance. Gustav Mahlerplein 117. 1082 MS Amsterdam, Kamer: PhD/Research Room.



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