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dr. C.A.T. Peters

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Tax Economics


Cees Peters works as an assistant professor at the Fiscal Institute Tilburg of Tilburg University. He specialises in the area of overlap between the political economy of international taxation and international tax law. This implies that he is dealing with international tax governance in the broadest sense, including topics such as the development of ideas about international taxation and the international tax policy of states, multinational companies (i.e. tax and corporate social responsibility) and international organisations. He is interested in developing critical theory in international tax governance and is keen to thinking about the changing function of taxation. Cees is also dealing with the current and desirable ways of taxing capital. In this regard he has a broad knowledge of topics such as transfer pricing, international tax law, corporate income tax law, EU tax law (including EU state aid control) and the various initiatives of the OECD.

Cees Peters wrote a book called 'On the legitimacy of international tax law'. This book assesses the legitimacy of current international tax law and makes recommendations to improve this legitimacy. It includes an analysis of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting project and a proposal for more democratic international tax governance. See

Currently, Cees Peters is the Academic Director of both the bachelor and the master Tax Economics at Tilburg University.


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