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prof. dr. D.P. van Soest


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics

Persoonlijke homepage

 Persoonlijke homepage


Daan van Soest is an environmental economist who does research on a wide variety of topics including renewable resource use, mechanism design, and common pool resource problems. He develops theory which he tests using both empirical and experimental methods.


Belangrijkste publicaties

  • van Soest, D.P., J.T.R. Stoop and J. Vyrastekova (2016), "Toward a Delineation of the Circumstances in which Cooperation can be sustained in Environmental and Resource Problems", Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 77, 1-13.
  • Noussair, C.N, J. Stoop and D.P. van Soest (2015), "Cooperation in a Dynamic Fishing Game: A Framed Field Experiment", American Economic Review PP 105(5), 408-413.
  • Bateman, I.J., A.R. Harwood, G.M. Mace, R.T. Watson, D.J. Abson, B. Andrews, A. Binner, A. Crowe, B.H. Day, S. Dugdale, C. Fezzi, J. Fodden, D. Hadley, R. Haines-Young, M. Hulme, A. Kontoleon, A.A. Lovett, P. Munday, U. Pascual, J. Paterson, G. Perino, A. Sen, G. Siriwardena, D.P. van Soest, and M. Termansen (2013), "Bringing Ecosystem Services into Economic Decision Making: Land Use in the UK", Science 341 (6141), 45-50.
  • Stoop, J.T.R., Ch.N. Noussair and D.P. van Soest, From the Lab to the Field: Cooperation among Fishermen, Journal of Political Economy 102(6) 1027-1056.
  • Voors, M., E. Nillesen, P. Verwimp, E. Bulte, R. Lensink and D.P. van Soest (2012), Violent Conflict and Behavior: a Field Experiment in Burundi, American Economic Review 102(2), 941-964.

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