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prof. dr. H.R.J. (Herman) Vollebergh


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics


Herman Vollebergh is professor of Economics and Environmental Policy at Tilburg University (Department of Economics, Tilburg Sustainability Centre and CentER) and Senior Research Fellow at the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. He is also CESifo Research Fellow in München. His teaching, research and consulting interests are in the area of environmental and public economics. His current research covers a broad range of topics including the design and effects of market based incentive mechanisms, like taxation, subsidies and tradeable permits in the energy or waste market, (environmental) cost-benefit analysis, long run relationship between emissions and income, and the effect of environmental policy on technological change. Finally, he has always been strongly involved in applying his academic work to the policy community including the OECD, European Union and the Dutch government. Recently he completed studies on energy investment credits, energy and resource taxation in the Netherlands, reform proposals for EU ETS, and the use of standards to spur eco-innovation.



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Belangrijkste publicaties

  • H. Fell, B. Hintermann and H.R.J. Vollebergh (2015) Carbon Content of Electricity Futures in Phase II of the EU ETS, The Energy Journal, 36, 4.  
  • T. Dekker, H.R.J. Vollebergh, F. de Vries and C. Withagen (2012), Inciting Protocols, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 64, 45-67
  • H.R.J. Vollebergh and E. van der Werf (2014), Standards for Eco-innovation, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 8, 2, 230-249  
  • H.R.J. Vollebergh, E. Dijkgraaf and B. Melenberg (2009), Identifying Reduced Form Relations with Panel Data: the Case of Pollution and Income, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 58, 27-42
  • P. Fredriksson, H.R.J. Vollebergh and E. Dijkgraaf (2004), Corruption and Energy Efficiency in OECD countries: Theory and Evidence, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 47, 2, 207-231

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