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prof. dr. J.A. Smulders


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics


Belangrijkste publicaties

  • Intergenerational altruism with future bias. Journal of Economic Theory 178 436-454 (2018, with Francisco Gonzalez and Itziar Lazkano).
  • A Paler Shade of Green? Environmental Policy under Induced Technical Change. European Economic Review 99, 151-169 (2017, with Corrado Di Maria).
  • Carbon Lock-in: the role of Expectations. International Economic Review 58/4: 1371-1415 (2017, with Gerard van der Meijden).  
  • Fueling growth when oil peaks: directed technological change and the limits to efficiency. European Economic Review 169, 18-39 (2014, with Francisco Andre Garcia).  
  • Announcing climate policy: Can a Green Paradox arise without scarcity? Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 64, 364-376 (2012, with Yacov Tsur and Amos Zemel).

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