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prof. M.E.A. Goodwin


Tilburg Law School
Department European and International Public Law


Morag Goodwin holds the Chair in Global Law and Development at Tilburg Law School.

Morag began her academic life as an international lawyer and still self-identifies as one. Her main interest has been in critical approaches to international law. She conducts research and teaches in the areas of global law, development, participation, non-state actors and human rights in norm generation and implementation. She is interested in questions of legitimacy, in relation to the exclusion of non-state actors, the dominance of human rights, technology regulation and issues of global law.

Morag explores the relationship between law and development in a global context. She aims to understand the spaces and flows of law in a global era as they relate to development and to contribute to a better understanding of how law affects questions of participation, exclusion and marginalisation. Her earlier work has examined questions of integration and law in relation to Romani communities. She is currently leading an NWO WOTRO-funded project examining legal status as a structural barrier to participation focusing on the Batwa of Rwanda, with the aim of developing a methodology for examining societal exclusion in the development context. Goodwin is Programme Director of EDOLAD (the European Joint Doctorate in Law and Development ?, a co-operation between six universities funded by the European Union.

Additionally, her research focuses on the Roma, examining questions of the role of law in maintaining and enforcing exclusion and of legal empowerment. In particular, she is interested in the way in which Romani individuals and communities interact with and are acted upon by the law. Additional aspects of her research in relation to the Roma are focused on European Union integration efforts.

A further strand of her research relates to the regulation of technology, notably in the area of technology transfer, and human rights and ethics in relation to technology regulation questions. She is the co-author (with Roger Brownsword) of the CUP Law in Context book, Law and the Techologies of the Twenty-First Century (2012) and is currently preparing a contribution to the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on the Law and Regulation of Technology. She is particularly interested in technology transfer within law and development and international law more broadly.


News items

  • New Chair in Global Law and Development
      Morag has been appointed to the new Chair in Global Law and Development at Tilburg Law School!  
  • Roma volume just published!
    A volume I edited entitled 'European Roma Integration Efforts - A Snapshot' has just been published by VUB Press.
  • Forum Transregionale Studien Berlin
    Just back from an interesting conference in Berlin on Areas and Disciplines. Was on a panel dedicated to the internationalization of legal studies with Christoph Moellers, Thomas Duve, Sundhya Pahuja and Alexandra Kemmerer. A good conversation!

Belangrijkste publicaties

  • Morag Goodwin & Roos Buijs, 'Making Good European Citizens of the Roma: A Closer Look at the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies' (2013) 14 German Law Journal;
  • Roger Brownsword & Morag Goodwin, Law and the Technologies of the Twenty-First Century (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
  • Goodwin M.E.A. (2010), 'Bucking the (Kuznets) Curve: Designing Effective Environmental Regulation for Developing Countries' (co-authored with Michael Faure and Franziska Weber), 51 Virginia Journal of International Law 95-156
  • Goodwin, M.E.A. (2008). Multi-dimensional exclusion: Viewing Romani poverty through the nexus of race and poverty. In D. Schiek & V. Chege (Eds.), European Union discrimination law: Comparative perspectives on multidimensional equality law (pp. 39-62). London: Routledge. Further information
  • Goodwin, M.E.A. (2010), 'Linking Anti-Corruptionism and Human Rights: A Dangerous Addition to the Development Discourse' (with Kate Rose-Sender) in M. Boersma & H. Nelen (eds.), Corruption & Human Rights: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Intersentia), 221-240.
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