Self-service university account

You receive a Tilburg University account and a password the moment you enter into the employ of the university or when you register as a student. Only when you change this password in the self-service will you have access to a large number of the university's digital services.

Please note: a number of applications do not use the university username/password combination. When you change your university password via the self-service these passwords will remain unchanged. Examples of these applications are: Planon, SAP and xFlow.

Account maintenance

Change password

Authenticate yourself with your username and password and choose a new password. After acceptation the password is valid to log on to your PC, to access your e-mailbox and the wireless network and for web access through Single Sign On.

Change my password

Password recovery settings

Should you forget your password, you will always be able to reset your password online if you have activated the password recovery options listed below.

  1. Add an extra e-mail address (outside Tilburg University) to your university account.
    If you forget your password and you have no longer access to your university e-mailbox you still can apply for a password e-mail. The e-mail with the secured link which enables you to reset your password will be sent to your university e-mail address and to this address as well. This e-mail will also be sent to your private e-mail address if this address is known by the university.
  2. State two secret questions and answers.
    You can reset your password after correctly answering both questions.
Set/change my password recovery options

Account status and settings

View the status of your account and your password recovery settings.

Display account status and settings

Forgot your password?

Password e-mail

A password e-mail consists of a secured link with a unique key which allows you to reset your password online. The password recovery e-mail will be sent to your university e-mail address as a standard. Should you have add an extra e-mail address to your university account, it will be sent to this address as well.

Apply for a password e-mail

My secret questions

With your secret questions and answers your identity can be verified. Should you have set these questions you will be able to reset your password after answering them correctly.

Answer my secret questions