Research Project: Coordinated Case Studies – Innovation for Productivity Growth in Low Income Countries

Innovation and growth


Primary datasets - Innovation Capability Survey (ICS) 

In collaboration with the Enterprise Analysis Unit (DECEA) of the Development Economics Group of the World Bank World Bank, the researchers of the ‘Innovation Systems’ theme under EIP-LIC collected data in all 10 countries of study under the project. The primary datasets of the enterprise surveys are open access available.






South Africa:



Information on DECEA’s global survey methodology can be found at the Unit’s website.

Please see the World Bank’s Enterprise Survey website for detailed information on the Innovation Follow-up Surveys and Enterprise Surveys (ES). In particular, the implementation reports of the respective surveys contain useful information on the design and implementation of the surveys.

Regional database DFID – African sub-national regions

This sub-national database contains information about 36 regions from eight African countries and 34 variables. The data used for building this database stems from the Enterprise Surveys of the World Bank, the Demographic Health Surveys available at and the Afroborameter (