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Economics research Tilburg University ranking among the best in the world

PRESS RELEASE JUNE 1, 2017 - In the recently published: 'Tilburg University Top 100 of Economics Schools Research Ranking’, Tilburg University emerges as the Dutch university publishing most frequently in the most prestigious scientific journals. In the world university rankings, Tilburg University ranks in 22th place.

This ‘EconTop ranking’ of research institutes is based on the number of publications in the most important journals in economic sciences in the period from 2012-2016. In the rankings, American research institutes take the lead, with Harvard in first place. Of the European institutions, only four take precedence in the ranking over Tilburg University. These are the London School of Economics and Political Science (in 5th place), Oxford University (8th), University College London (16th) and University of Toulouse / Toulouse School of Economics. In the Netherlands, Tilburg University is followed by the VU University 35th), University of Amsterdam (37th), Erasmus University Rotterdam (40th) and Maastricht University (sharing 46th place).

EconTop Ranking

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