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ESRC-DFID Grant awarded to Patricio Dalton on the role of internal constraints in perpetuating poverty

Dr. Patricio S. Dalton of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) has been awarded, together with colleagues from Glasgow University (PI - Prof. Ghosal), an ESRC-DFID Grant of approx. € 630,000.

The grant is part of the ESRC-DFID Programme “Raising Learning Outcomes in Education”. During the three years of the grant beginning in March 2018, Dalton and colleagues will combine innovative theoretical and empirical work to study specific mechanisms through which poverty perpetuates. It will focus on the way poverty creates fatalistic beliefs and aspirations failures, which can in turn become an independent source of disadvantage.  The team will develop a formal framework of internal constraints, introducing to economics novel insights from psychology, sociology and anthropology. They will then apply this framework to study the constraints parents from historically disadvantaged castes in India face to participate in the decisions of the schools where their children attend. Finally, they will conduct randomized evaluations of programs designed to increase parental agency and voice in those schools, identifying and quantifying the causal effect of parental participation on children’s learning outcomes and aspirations.

patricio dalton