Research Humanities

Research at the Tilburg School of Humanities focuses on transformation processes taking place in contemporary society, related to communication and culture, and analyses the underlying moral and ethical questions.

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Research collaboration

Loo, M.J. van
Name M.J. (Marjet) van Loo MA
Research Support Team TSH
Position Research Policy Advisor
Room D 111
Phone +31 13 466 2540

PhD trajectories

Rodil LLera, M.J.
Name M.J. (María José) Rodil LLera
Research Support Team TSH
Position PhD coordinator GS Humanities
Room D 112
Phone +31 13 466 3494

Education collaboration

Elderen, B.J. van
Name drs. B.J. (Bart) van Elderen
Education Support Team TSH
Position Policy advisor
Room D 111
Phone +31 13 466 3079

Education Service Desk

Room D353


Phone: +31 (0)13 466 2580

Media contributions researchers

Ramaan, J.
Name J. (Ingrid) Ramaan
External & Campus Communication
Position Advisor Research Communications
Room T 125
Phone +31 13 466 3481
Bennema, C.E.
Name drs. C.E. Bennema
External & Campus Communication
Position Spokesperson
Room T 195
Phone +31 13 466 8998

Alumni relations

Waele, C.E.A. de
Name drs. C.E.A. (Cathy) de Waele
Education Support Team TSH
Position Academic Advisor
Room D 118
Phone +31 13 466 2579

Other questions

Vink, J.M.D.
Name drs. J.M.D. (Anita) Vink
Managementsup Services - Schools
Position Secretary
Room D 305
Phone +31 13 466 3577