Impact Program

The Tilburg University Impact Program brings together researchers and stakeholders in complex societal issues in order to advance society with the help of knowledge and innovation.

Impact Program

The Impact Program of Tilburg University connects researchers from various fields to partners outside academia to bring society forward. In cooperation we develop new insights and solutions for the complex challenges of the 21st century.

We address questions from society itself: how to improve resilience, care and wellbeing of people and how to create value from data are topics we believe are essential. Our expertise from social, economic, legal and cultural sciences helps to advance society in the digital age.

To create more impact on both science and society in this regard, we focus on three major issues: Empowering the Resilient Society, Enhancing Health and Wellbeing, and Creating Value from Data

Within these issues we take into account the Digital Society: a major development everyone has to address in the 21st century and which the Dutch universities are addressing together. Our aim is to to turn the Netherlands into a 'living lab' of human oriented digital technology. The digital society will create challenges as well as opportunities to improve the lives of individuals and society as a whole.

<b>Empowering the Resilient Society</b>

Empowering the Resilient Society

<b>Enhancing Health and Wellbeing</b>

Enhancing Health and Wellbeing

<b>Creating Value from Data</b>

Creating Value from Data


  • 24 Oct 2017

    Science with a Soul: Tilburg University Impact Program enters into dialog
    Tilburg University’s Impact Team has seized the occasion of the Dear Future Festival on social innovation to enter into dialog with parties in civil society. What parts of the program can be tackled together to reinforce resilience, care and wellbeing in society and to stimulate the use of (big) data?

  • 01 Sep 2017

    Workshop Science with a Soul for interested parties
    The Tilburg University Impact program is getting ready for a workshop with social parties and companies based on the theme of ‘Science with a Soul’. On September 28, during the Dear Future festival in the Tilburg Spoorzone, we will enter into a debate with interested organizations on topics that we can address jointly with research and ‘living labs’.